Hamilton Sports becomes the first shop in US to Offer the Reborn Kastle Ski Line

Hamilton Sports has tied up with Kastle and by doing so it has become the very first ski shop in US to offer the whole new range of skis from the new reborn company. The shop encases the top six models including the award winning LX 82.

Online PR News – 01-January-2012 – – Hamilton Sports, Aspen's best ski shop, becomes the very first ski shop in US to offer the whole new range of Kastle ski line. The company which was first born in the Austrian Alps way back in 1924 has reformed and is better than ever. Hamilton Sports has already filled the premises of the shop with the best ski models from the company. The company has been relaunched by a group of young passionate Austrian Skiers to furnish the ski world with the best skis made from the best ski materials. Hamilton Sports has once again snatched this wonderful opportunity to keep its name tied with the best ski equipment.

Kastle is often referred with adjectives of quality, experience and passion. This was further proved by LX 82. Awards rolled in for the company when it was rated as the single highest ski in the SKI magazines' 2012 product test. Hamilton Sports got the ski model right into its pocket and right now it encases the top six ski models of Kastle namely the MX 78, MX 88, MX 98, MX108, the FX 94 and the award winning LX 82. According to the expert staffs these models have basically everything that one needs to ski in any of the four mountains in Aspen at any given day.

The owner of the shop, Bill Miller is fascinated with these skis and says, “Simply put, these are the finest skis I have ever had the opportunity to ski with". The expert skiers at Hamilton Sports admit that they have completely fallen in love with Kastle's skis. They are glad to have the latest models from this renowned ski company. By associating with Kastle, Hamilton Sports has successfully added one more star to its name as it has become the first shop in US to introduce the products of the new reborn Kastle.

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