N2-Blast® Corrosion Inhibiting System for Fire Protection Systems Released by South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems announces the launch of the N2-Blast Corrosion Inhibiting Systems for Dry and Preaction Fire Protection Systems (FPS). The N2-Blast uses nitrogen gas to maintain supervisory pressure in FPS in order to inhibit corrosion that may cause leaks in the piping or even system failure.

Online PR News – 01-January-2012 – – Wilmington, N.C. -- South-Tek Systems, the leading designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, has launched the N2-Blast - Corrosion Inhibiting System, a compact system that generates and introduces 98% or greater pure, corrosion inhibiting, Nitrogen (N2) into Dry and Preaction Fire Protection Systems (FPS).

Traditionally, compressed air is used to maintain Supervisory Pressure in a FPS; however the moisture in the compressed air as well as residual water trapped in the FPS piping system during hydrostatic testing supports the cathodic oxygen reaction resulting in oxidation or corrosion of the steel and galvanized piping. This corrosion not only causes detrimental and costly leaks in the FPS but the remaining debris can also clog sprinkler heads rendering them ineffective in the event of a fire.

The N2-Blast® is designed to inhibit problematic fps corrosion by supplying dry, low pressure, supervisory N2, which is an inert, non-flammable gas. The N2-Blast® is also equipped with the patented BlastOff™ - Leak Detection System which alarms when the Nitrogen Generator is operating more frequently than normal, due to a sizable leak in the piping system downstream. This feature protects the N2-Blast® from running unnecessarily, thereby maximizing the life of the system and forewarns the building management that a significant leak requiring attention is developing within their FPS piping system.

The N2-Blast® offers a much safer alternative by generating its own high purity N2 (98%+) onsite, at low pressure. This translates to less required maintenance and reduced operational costs. There is no risk of running out of N2 or having to deal with dangerous high pressure (2400 PSI) N2 cylinders. Care and replacement of these high pressure cylinders is an expensive hassle since they must be chained up when in use and they require extra caution when handling. The N2-Blast® eliminates these issues and only requires a simple, low cost, annual maintenance procedure of replacing the filter elements (a 15 minute operation).

Installation of the N2-Blast® system is also simple and it can easily fit into new building designs or can be integrated into an existing FPS. It operates quietly and uses minimal space; therefore it can be installed in smaller areas, such as inside a building's equipment room.

Along with the Nitrogen Generator, the patented N2-Blast - AutoPurge System™ (APS) technology ensures the FPS piping is pressurized and completely blanketed with high purity nitrogen, hence providing the utmost protection from corrosion and MIC. The APS creates gas movement within the FPS guaranteeing that high purity Nitrogen will reach the farthest of branches within the FPS resulting in uniform N2 purity throughout the piping. In addition, Nitrogen has a -40 degree dew point therefore the APS allows for the continuous absorption of any residual moisture left within the piping after hydrostatic testing, thereby completely "drying out" the sprinkler pipes. This device is easy to install and attaches to the bottom of the Inspector's Test Valve at the end of each zone.

In today's world, there are an increasing number of accidents in a variety of buildings that require the flawless response and operation of a Fire Protection System. The Dry and Preaction systems maintaining Supervisory Pressure with compressed air run the risk of encountering corrosion and ultimately requiring costly repairs down the road or even worse, not operating correctly in the event of a fire. The N2-Blast® system minimizes this risk by generating its own N2 and together with the APS, constantly cycling inert gas through the FPS to maximize purity and also "dry out" the residual moisture left behind after hydrostatic testing. Furthermore, the N2-Blast® is safer than using high pressure N2 cylinders and is more cost effective in the long run. The N2-Blast® is the best solution to inhibiting fps corrosion and will allow the building management team to have complete confidence in their building's FPS and that it will react flawlessly in the event of a fire or accident.

To learn more about the N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System or South-Tek Systems, please visit http://www.n2blast.com.


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About the Author:

Scott Bodemann is the Catalog Sales Manager for South-Tek Systems, leading Nitrogen Generator (http://www.southteksystems.com) manufacturer and creator of the N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System for fps corrosion (http://www.n2blast.com). Call to learn how the N2-Blast® can benefit your FPS: 888-526-6284.