Bethel Township Will Be Retrofitting Existing Street Lights to LEDs

Township Will Be Converting Street Lights to New LED Lighting Fixtures

Online PR News – 30-December-2011 – – Bethel, PA (December 29, 2011) – Stouch Lighting released, today, that Bethel Township, Delaware County, PA, will be retrofitting their street lights. The township will be installing the new LED lighting fixtures to improve the quality of lighting and meet their intentions to increase safety around town. This will also generate energy savings by reducing energy costs and consumption.
“We are excited and looking forward to upgrading the street lights in town. The new LED lights are going to lessen energy consumption as well as reduce maintenance costs,” said Mike George, Bethel Township Director of Operations/Secretary. “This is going to be an incredible benefit for our community in order to become ‘greener’ while increasing safety and saving both money and energy.”
Bethel was able to fund this project after receiving a grant which was financed through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block grant. (EECBG) This was awarded to the county through the American Recovery Reinvestment Act. (ARRA) Upon completion of this project, Bethel Township will see a 67% reduction in energy usage as well as reduce maintenance street lighting. This in turn will provide a brighter and safer community for its residents.
"It is great being involved with Bethel’s decision to use energy efficient lighting in their township," said Director of Operations Supply & Service Chain, Justin Stouch. "Installing LED Street Lighting fixtures illustrates that LED lighting is a maintenance reducing technology, as well as an enhancement in the overall quality of light."

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