Ziimeo Launches World Clock

Check out the Ziimeo World Clock as soon as you can. Go to Ziimeo’s homepage and click the yellow tab among the right-hand options marked “Ziimeo World Clock.”

Online PR News – 30-December-2011 – – To the avid traveler, time is everything. To the soulful adventurer, time is gold. To the enthusiastic jetsetters and seafarers, time is of great importance. We live in a world with different time zones. For a successful journey, we always base our schedules on the time of the place where we come from and of the place of our destination. Time is one of the biggest factors that we need to consider to have a wonderful vacation.

This is why the new and improved Ziimeo now has launched one of the most important tools that a traveler ought to have --- the Ziimeo World Clock. Now, it is easy to check the time in another country without leaving the Ziimeo site. It is just one click away from the homepage. Ziimeo gives you everything that you need as a travel junkie, including a window to the time of different countries.

Check out the Ziimeo World Clock as soon as you can. Go to Ziimeo’s homepage and click the yellow tab among the right-hand options marked “Ziimeo World Clock.” You will be taken to a page containing 7 clocks --- one for each of the main regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Pacific, South America, and the United States of America. At the right side are additional clocks for New York, London, Paris, New Delhi, Beijing, and Sydney. Each clock has digital and analog displays that will show you the appropriate time in a certain place. Look for the continent of your choice and choose the country that you would like to go to from the drop-down list. Checking the right time across time zones is such a breeze with Ziimeo World Clock.

Though it has incorporated a list of new features for the convenience of its loyal members, Ziimeo has retained all the rest of its admirable parts. Compared to other video-sharing websites, Ziimeo is still far more superior because you can do things here that you cannot do elsewhere. Upload a variety of travel media such as images, videos, games, and music to suit your taste. Share it to your friends over the internet so they can have a feel of your vacation with one click on a link. Other sites simply cage you under video uploading. With Ziimeo, you can go above that limit and beyond.

To have all these wonderful benefits at reach, start browsing Ziimeo now. Community members are privileged enough to be privy to the different information available in Ziimeo. If you are still not a member, just create a free account and you will be uploading your wonderful travel media and wandering around in Ziimeo in no time. Participate in forums and join the competitions that are launched every now and then. Who knows, you might win a luxurious vacation for your best travel video? Can you do that on YouTube? I don’t think so.

Check out other new features from the homepage. Ziimeo is the perfect partner that a travel geek needs to enrich his adventurous life.