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Anyone out there who’s currently looking for a new bed to go in their room (or indeed the spare room) should be aware of the exciting new website

Online PR News – 29-December-2011 – – Anyone out there who’s currently looking for a new bed to go in their room (or indeed the spare room) should be aware of the exciting new website, the website that is now open and offering consumers the chance to purchase a wide range of TV Beds, TVs, and combination packages, all of them at the lowest online prices to be found anywhere.

With TV beds themselves becoming more and more popular over the last few months (largely coming down to more people becoming aware of the possibilities they offer) this website was created by three Lincolnshire businessmen in order to meet the market that was obviously there for beds and Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses, but at prices that were far more affordable than the majority of retailers were already offering.

Simon Penson, one of the main owners of the website, was keen to highlight the reasons for the website being introduced to the UK market.

‘Well, having previously hunted around for a TV bed for my own house, I’d struggled to find a price that I (or anyone else I knew) deemed to be reasonable for what they were getting. Having conducted some research into this area, I found that the majority of firms already offering the beds were doing so at a huge mark-up. Because I already had a background in e-commerce, myself and my colleagues decided that there was a great opportunity to get the same quality of product out to consumers at a mark up that was far more reasonable than the majority of retailers were already offering.’

Offering the standard TV bed trilogy of the bed itself, the 26” television and a high quality cheap memory foam mattress (all of them available at great prices), the site carries literally everything the user would need to install the most comfortable home entertainment system possible into their rooms.

As well as this, however, there is also the possibility to purchase all of the items separately, should this be more suited to your needs. This seems like a sensible decision, especially considering the fact that no-one wants to be buying a 26 inch TV when they’ve already got one lying around the house!

‘Needless to say, we want the customers to our site to be able to tailor their shopping experience exactly to their own needs. We’re not here to flog people things that they don’t require. If you’ve already got a cheap memory foam mattress and a TV you like, then you can buy the frame you need and nothing else. If, on the other hand, you need the full works, then we can get that to you with no problems at all.’ Mr Penson concluded.

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