Redemption Plus Receives Brass Ring Award

Presented Honorable Mention for Addition of Redemption Counters to Product Line

Online PR News – 29-December-2011 – – Redemption Plus, a premiere source for redemption toys and incentive merchandise, walked away from the 2011 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) conference with a Brass Ring honorable mention in the New Product category.

Redemption Plus, through its Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors division, added custom redemption counters to their line in 2011. They are capable of creating traditional counters starting as small as 8 linear feet, without size limit on the upper end.

A major factor in the judge’s decision was the innovative “Pinnacle Hybrid” Redemption Room. This represents a breakthrough in redemption store design. Prior to Redemption Plus’ innovation, typical rooms consisted of four walls, creating a visual barrier between players and the merchandise. Pinnacle's Hybrid opens up the fourth wall, preserving all of the shopping experience positives of a room, while maintaining the motivation of the visual connection between games and merchandise.

The Award also noted the industry specific features of the Redemption Plus counters, in all styles and sizes. These include “max merchandise” displays, special lighting throughout, durability, security features, and a modular approach to merchandise category displays.
In order to understand the significance of this award, you must understand the tradition of the brass ring. The brass ring goes back to the carousels in the late 1800s when rings were suspended above riders. They were low enough to reach, but high enough to pose a challenge. Grabbing one was a rare and cherished prize. Today, the term ‘brass ring’ is synonymous with high achievement in the industry.

Redemption Plus understands the value in merchandise displays. Displays drive game revenue and profits. With over 15 years of experience in organizing and presenting merchandise, properly maintaining counters, and using a systematic approach to design them, they have set over 500 redemption counters. This has had a significant and positive impact on the growth of their business.

"We are honored to be recognized by the Brass Ring judges for our Redemption Counters in the Services, Supplies and Equipment category. We know that creating an attractive merchandise display is essential to developing a high performing game room because it drives game play and generates revenue. We want to help redemption centers maximize the impact of their product" said Ron Hill, CEO/ President of Redemption Plus.

About Redemption Plus
Redemption Plus is North America’s premier source for redemption toys and incentive merchandise. The company makes it easy for Family Entertainment Centers to deliver a positive customer experience with redemption prizes, novelty plush, crane & merchandiser kits, and party goods. A wholesale toy distributor with 15 years of trusted industry expertise, Redemption Plus provides management consulting to help customers attract and entertain guests while maximizing profitability. For more information on Redemption Plus, please visit or call 888.564.7587.