Record the major events of New Year with House of File’s Video Diary

Now there is no need to record all the daily events in a traditional manner as House of File has come up with a unique application for the iPhone called 'My Video Diary', which allows users to talk into the device and record the events of life each day.

Online PR News – 29-December-2011 – – Dickinson, Texas - With the New Year fast approaching, people all over the world would be shopping for diaries. It is a great feeling to go through all the entries in a diary and relive the past memories. However, due to the frenetic pace of the modern world, people often have no time to sit down and journal on a daily basis. They are always looking for easy ways to record all the major events of the day. Fortunately, there are lots of applications in recent times that are being developed keeping in mind the needs of today.
House of File LLC has developed an application for the iPhones and iPads called 'My Video Diary' that allows users to talk into the device as it records their video. Users can also add text, photos and import videos as well. It can be great fun to retrieve the videos and watch it to recall an important event or daily happenings with friends or family members in it. Now, there is no need to sit for long hours recalling the events and writing it down as this application can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with the touch of a finger. Noticing the changes in appearance and keeping track of the difference in weight, hair style and many other things can take the user by surprise.
This can be a perfect replacement for the personal diary that many people have been using till now. Today, people have instant access to video recorders and cameras through their cell phones or tablet PCs. It has become much easier to record a video of events than writing them down on paper. This can be done without any costs involved and the mobile devices can be carried to any part of the world without any hassles. The videos can be edited and effects can be added to make them more interesting and appealing.
The videos that are recorded on the iPhone or iPad can be stored for a very long time and it is much easier to retrieve them. They can be secured with a password so that no one else has any access to the videos. A paper journal can never offer such convenience and can be very difficult to handle. It does not require any special training to record videos in the diary and the users can get a great picture quality as well. For more information, log on to