Vita4Life! Launches Liquid Protein Website with 30 Grams Protein in 2 Ounces

Vita4Life! is a supplement company priding itself on products with no added fillers or ingredients. Their newest product is a predigested liquid protein containing 30 grams of protein in two ounces. Vita4Life! has been a top-producing supplements company since 1997.

Online PR News – 29-December-2011 – – Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWeb) December 2011 – Vita4Life! vitamins and supplements company has launched a new website highlighting their predigested liquid protein. The liquid protein is used by athletes, body-builders, bariatric patients, older adults, and the general public that needs more protein in their diet.

Getting the right amount of protein is hard for some lifestyles, most notable bariatric patients, and the 2 ounce packets, containing 30 grams of liquid protein, provide an easy and convenient way to add necessary protein into diets. The packets can be easily stored in purses or gym bags for easy access when needed for on-the-go lifestyle. The packets were specifically destined to daily requirements of protein convenient.

Vita4Life uses a predigested collagen because it is easily digested and promotes weight loss. All the flavoring used is natural and kept at a minimum so that bariatric patients will not have a bad reaction to the supplement like they do with many types of protein supplements that use additives and colorings.

The first step of digestion is completed before the product is ever ingested. This is so that the amino acids can be digested immediately. This speeds up the digestion process, which is necessary for bariatric patients that experience ailments such as bariatric dumping and malnutrition.

Vita4Life! predigested liquid protein comes in two flavors: strawberry and orangecreamcicle. It may be taken as-is right from the packet or made into a protein shake. The new website has a page with a variety of different recipes for protein shakes. Recipes include:

• Apple Strawberry Shake Up
• Banana Split Protein Shake
• Strawberry Cream Delight Protein Shake
• Raspberry Fizz
• Pineapple Prize
• Veggie Version

The vitamin and supplement business has become a billion dollar industry. Vita4Life! is concerned with false advertising of many large firms. “Natural” products are touted by many companies. While claiming to be “natural” many can contain up to 50% of fillers and added ingredients. The dangerous chemicals in these products can be a detriment to health rather than a benefit.

They are known for their capsules that dissolve in less than four minutes for maximum absorption into the body. These vitamin capsules contain no added flavoring, colors, or chemical ingredients. They are dedicated to improving the lives and health of gastric bypass patients, as well as the general public that wants a highly nutritious and absorbable supplement.

Visit the main website to learn how to detect vitamin and supplement companies with false claims.

Vita4Life! Predigested Liquid Protein is manufactured in a facility that ensures strict quality control using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). This provides excellent products meeting all guidelines.

Visit the Vita4Life Liquid Protein website at to buy a full 30 grams of protein in only 2 ounces.