eFormula Relase Coming on January 5th

The up and coming release of the much awaited internet marketing training program eFormula with Free Software online now.

Online PR News – 30-December-2011 – – eFormula is a new offering from Steve and Tim the long time marketers and internet instructors.It promises to be one of the beat selling programs on the internet.
Keyword Blaze is an “all in one” keyword research tool that streamlines tasks that used to take a long time to complete, some of the types of tasks Keyword Blaze makes easy include:
Finds monthly searches (nothing special here – all keyword tools do this)
Fetches Adwords CPC data WITHOUT you needing a Google Adwords account This is the first tool I’ve seen that achieves this. What more – you won’t get your account temporarily “banned” by doing too many searches in a short period of time!
Fetches Adwords competition data.
Taps into Google Insights to give you search data over time – I’ve never seen this in a keyword tool, it’s another great initiative.
Gives you a level of Keyword Difficulty. This kind of metric is extremely valuable because it allows you to quickly and easily make a decision about whether or not to target a keyword WITHOUT needing to spend hours analyzing competition.
Identifies keywords that have commercial intent (another very cool feature that works behind the scenes to analyze whether other eCommerce stores rank for particular keywords. The good news for those who decide to invest in eFormula is that this is just one of several high quality tools you’ll get access to!
More information at: http://cashtodayblog.info