Georgia Solar Installers Introduce New T5 Retrofit Adapter

There is a new sheriff in town when it comes to energy efficient lighting and it goes by the name of the T5 Retrofit Adapter. T5 lighting provides better light and more energy efficiency than T12 or T8 lighting and the T5 retrofit adapter easily installs into an existing light fixture. Energy savings technology in simple lightbulb form.

Online PR News – 30-December-2011 – – Solar Energy USA Is Proud To Introduce The T5 Retrofit Adapter:

Replacing T12 and T8 lighting in a building with T5 Retrofit Adapters can quickly, easily, and affordably reduce energy consumption. Compact florescent and florescent T5 lights often reduce lighting demands by more than 60%, while a Solar Energy USA T5 retrofit adapter can bring you lighting savings as high as 79%!

Commercially, Solar Energy USA has partnered with a manufacture that offers T5 retrofit adapters without having to change out the existing fixture or ballast. Solar Energy USA is now one of the largest providers of T5 lighting and T5 retrofit adapters in the United States, working with schools, churches, property managers, and other facilities interested in saving energy while improving light quality.

Delamping: For energy savings and better light quality with 4-bulb light fixtures, simply remove all 4 of your current T8 or T12 light bulbs and replace them with just 2 T5 retrofit adapters. The T5 bulb slides into the T5 adapter which has its own extremely efficient electronic ballast built-in. The T5 retrofit adapter with bulb is then placed into the existing fixture just as you would change out a T12 or T8 bulb.

T5 Retrofit Adapter Installation: After removing the lens and the current inefficient T12 or T8 bulbs, simply pop off the housing that covers the existing ballast (the real culprit that currently wastes your electricity and money). Next, cut the wires going into and out of the ballast. Then, connect those wires together, bypassing the current ballast (leaving it in the fixture), and install wire nuts on the new connections. Next, snap the ballast cover back on and click in the new T5 retrofit adapter with bulb combination and replace the lens. Finally, the best part, stand back and enjoy the brighter, higher quality and more natural looking light the T5 retrofit adapter provides. Watch your power bills drop!

T12 and T8 lighting are both considered outdated technology. As of July 2010, by mandate of the Department of Energy, the T12 ballast and bulbs can no longer be manufactured. Don't waste money on all new T8 fixtures and bulbs the next time your lights go out when you can easily retrofit your existing fixture with new T5 technology.

Solar Energy USA T5 retrofit adapter technology not only meets the "Energy Policy Act of 2005" enacted by the Federal Government to reduce energy consumption, which has already been mandated in all public buildings, but it is also Eco-Friendly and Eco-Responsible. The T5 retrofit process eliminates the need to remove the actual fixtures and/or the existing ballast. It also eliminates the need to put millions and millions of older fixtures and ballast in landfills while reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.

Your lighting represents between 20% and 50% of your total power consumption. Solar Energy USA will do a free analysis of your current lighting and provide you with a written proposal that will show you the astonishing savings that T5 lighting can make in your electrical utility cost, your tax incentives, utility rebates and estimated ROI.

For more information visit the T5 Retrofit Adapter product link above.