eFormula Creators Have Had Over 7,000 Downloads of Keyword Blaze

In just the past 7 days over 7,000 people have downloaded keyword blaze and for good reason. Find out why.

Online PR News – 27-December-2011 – – 12/27/2011 Scottsdale, AZ - Just over a week ago Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton the creators of eformula released keyword blaze for free.

Since, the release there have been over 7,000 people that have downloaded the keyword tool and for good reason.

Find out more about Keyword Blaze here

So what's so good about Keyword Blaze and why someone should download it. First of all the tool is only going to be available for free for a few more days. This tool is literally worth hundreds of dollars on the open market. It can replace about 4 or 5 keyword tools that most marketers use on an everyday basis.

Second by downloading Keyword Blaze Tim and Steve are going to enter each person in a chance to win some really cool prizes. Also, for downloading the tool and liking eFormula on Facebook they will actually be entered to win up $5000 in cash and tons of 'Apple' products like iPhones.

Go get keyword blaze now.

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