Quality First Home Improvement Inc., Home Services Professionals, Joins The Review Revolution

Quality First Home Improvement Inc., a pacesetter in the home services industry, joins the review revolution with real customer review videos

Online PR News – 30-December-2011 – – Real reviews, by real people, are hard to come by on the internet or, at least, it is hard to tell if the reviews are real. With the internet being abundant with scams, people trying to rip-off consumers or trash talk companies, how do you tell who is the real deal? Quality First Home Improvement Inc., along with many other respectable companies around the world, has launched a campaign to show the world real customers with real reviews of their products…through video. Now you can see more than just words supposedly written by ‘real people’, now you can see the actual REAL people telling you about their experience with Quality First Home Improvement Inc.
People make a connection to a video review that they don’t make with a written review. You get more emotion and understanding of the actual experience and you gain more trust through a video than you do through a written review. It takes a lot more effort and you have to put more on the line with a video than you do with a written review. You aren’t just seeing words from some anonymous person; you are hearing and seeing a REAL person give you an account of their experience. Which would you trust more?
This is something that is happening all over the internet. With YouTube growing every day, as well as many other online video sites, the internet is bountiful with video content; a lot of it is reviews. Tech sites have been doing video reviews of products for years and that format is spreading to all other areas of expertise.
I don’t know about you, but I trust a video review a lot more than a written review. Say you are buying a video camera. Wouldn’t it make more sense to watch a video of somebody using the product and talking about it rather than sift through the countless anonymous written reviews by people you can’t see, hear or trust? Now, why can’t that same mentality be used for a home improvement company like Quality First? Instead of reading an anonymous account online, why not have a real customer walk you through their recently remodeled kitchen talking about their experience and showing you some of the features they love about their new kitchen. Same can be true for solar, wouldn’t you rather see somebody talking about how they only spend $5 a month on their utility bill, wouldn’t you rather them show you their utility bill as proof?
Well, this is exactly how Quality First Home Improvement Inc., is approaching the review revolution. They have launched a happy customer website showcasing all of their happy customers and the products they had installed. http://www.qualityfirsthome.com/articles/happy-customers-watch-videos.html Show the people what they want, real reviews of great products by real customers, because the truth doesn’t need to hide behind an avatar.