Parking Garage LEDS is launched by Redbird LED in Atlanta, Georgia

Redbird LED announces the release of new marketing campaign and website

Online PR News – 29-January-2010 – – Redbird LED today announces the launch of the marketing campaign Parking Garage LEDS. Redbird LED is an Atlanta, GA firm that specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of energy efficient LED Tube Lighting for Parking Garages. Parking garage lighting is one of the largest expenses that parking garage owners face. Parking garages are usually lighted 24 hours a day, seven days a week or 8,760 hours per year. Replacing the fluorescent lighting in a parking garage with a newer technology- LED Tube Lighting will provide dramatic savings.

Redbird LED has recently launched a new parking garage lighting solution featuring their LED Tube lighting. The Parking Garage Lighting Solutions are available in 2-LED tube and 4 tube LED designs, both in exposed (open) and enclosed (vapor tight) configurations. LED Tube Lighting offers numerous benefits to parking deck owners and managers including reduced energy consumption, brighter and more uniform lighting and lower maintenance costs. Energy savings from LED Tube Lights vary by application, but typical reduction from conventional parking deck lighting can be 30-50%. Tube LED Lights also create a better customer experience, increase safety, improve the property appearance and contain no mercury or other hazardous material.

The website,, features information on the benefits of using LED Tube Lights in parking garages and parking decks, Frequently Asked Questions, Expected Energy and Maintenance savings from replacing conventional lighting with LED Tube Lights, Company profile of Redbird LED, Case Studies, Technical Details and Purchasing Information.

The Parking Garage LEDS campaign will be a multimedia operation that will include the website,, plus ad placements in various internet media outlets, supported by online promotions including the blogs, CFO Best Practices, Green Workplace Strategies; The LEDRetrofit and Green Workplace Strategies email newsletters, trade magazine articles and other online strategies to help inform parking garage owners and managers about their options to improve the quality and energy efficiency of their lighting with LED Tube Lighting. A significant investment in Social Media will also be part of the campaign with the launch of Parking Garage LEDS Facebook and Twitter Pages. The site and campaign will be will be managed by Panorama Press, an Atlanta based marketing firm specializing in internet strategy, sponsorships and web development. "The primary objective of the Parking Garage LEDS campaign is to inform parking garage owners that replacing their lighting with LED Tubes is better for the environment and can provide energy savings north of 50% said Manuel Enrique "QuiQue" Lopez spokesman for Panorama Press.

Redbird LED is located at 1202 Gail Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30319, in Fulton County, metropolitan Atlanta. For more information and to review their line of Parking Garage Lighting Solutions please visit or call 678.733.2473

For information on Panorama Press please call John Davis, Director of Business Development at 678.391.3194 or visit our website at