Solidify Main Street Website Launched to Help Voters Make Informed Decisions Leading up to November

A new effort has begun to reach those looking for leadership solutions who represent America’s ‘Main Street,” and by extension, its economic middle class. “Solidify Main Street” ™ is not a new political party, nor a movement, but rather an Internet-based effort to make it easier for voters to make intelligent decisions and not be influenced by people with hidden political agendas.

Online PR News – 28-December-2011 – – Los Angeles, CA, December 27, 2011 -- With political polarization at an uncomfortable high in America, a new move has begun to reach voters across the United States to encourage them to “Vote Smart” in the 2012 general elections. Charles R. Ecker, a former political consultant, has developed a “Solidify Main Street” TM web presence that offers posts and reference links “ to make it easier for voters to make informed choices this coming election season.”

Ecker states there is no charge to access the site on the World Wide Web and notes that “this work is being done without the support of any political party or movement” and relates that the Solidify Main Street effort "encourages an end to polarization as we head to the November, 2012 elections. Its intent is to try to offer links to go so that reasonable citizens within the wide middle of the political landscape can become their own investigative reporters as they seek information to be educated voters at this critical time.”

The slogan of the campaign devised by Ecker is “Replace Anger and Rage with Research, Reflection and Individual Decision-Making”
who adds: "There is way too much yelling going on between political interests at the two ends of the spectrum, and I, for one, can be overwhelmed by the constant day-to-day action and reaction by the media to people running for office who are just following the traditional campaign PR playbooks.”

The long-time journalist and broadcaster says: “All too often, voters tow the party line out of habit, or family heritage, or 'hard' persuasion by others. Some just board a political party paid-for-bus and are taken to the polls to stuff the ballot boxes. And too many, particularly the young, get their point-of-view from the late night comedians rather than delving into the candidates' positions or facts about issues. But we all need to be very smart voters this time around. We need to care about the future of our country. We don't need to accept any candidate's statements at face value, no matter which party they represent."

‘Solidify Main Street TM’ merchandise is being sold through the blog site, and Ecker notes that the 10% of the proceeds earned by him will go to two charities – The Wounded Warrior Project and D.E.L.T.A. animal rescue.

Ecker, who composed the well-known song lamenting our sad financial state, notes that “Bushwacked (Bewildered, Beat-up Bad and Broke)” has linked the song site to the blog, but notes that 10% of any music sales will go to the above mentioned charities as well.

Charles Ecker
Solidify Main Street
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