Igor Purlantov Publishes Top Five Tips on Spending the Holidays with Pets

The Best Ways to Spend the 2011 Holiday Season with Pets According to Igor Purlantov

Online PR News – 28-December-2011 – – Once again it is that time of the year when the holiday season is in full swing. As people start to look back on the 2011 year that is now coming to a close, it is time to remember all of the wonderful times shared with family and friends.

As the holiday season gets going, everyone knows that it is also time to think about everything to be grateful for while also being excited to spend time with close family and friends. For many people this includes spending time with their beloved animal companions.

Here are five top tips by animal rights advocate Igor Purlantov for making any furry friend feel warm and fuzzy during this holiday season:

5) Buy a special pet treat so that their holiday meal is delicious and special.
make a difference: Donate a bag of pet food to a local animal shelter.

4) Make a special pet toy – a new can of tennis balls for puppies, or pipe-cleaner toys for kitties.
Make a difference: Make a special toy for a neighbors pet too.

3) Ensure that bedtime is extra cozy with a new blanket.
Make a difference: Donate old sheets, towels and t-shirts to a local animal shelter.

2) Include pets in holiday photos.
Make a difference: Post a photo of a shelter pet in need of adoption on Facebook.

1) Purchase new identification tags and collars for pets.
Make a difference: Donate to the ASPCA or a local shelter to ensure that all shelter pets find their way to a new home.

Igor Purlantov is an animal rights advocate that follows and writes about animal news and trends to help raise awareness of animal rights and protection. Read and learn about his work on igor-purlantov.com or follow him on twitter @igorpurlantov

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