Creates English Version Of The Website To Reach Out To The Non-Japanese Market
12/28/2011 features all the latest share houses in Japan. This website also features all the required information to help users make well informed choices regarding Tokyo share houses.

Online PR News – 28-December-2011 – – Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo Sharehouse LLC., is expanding the company’s operations vigorously trying to reach the non-Japanese market for the share houses in Japan. As part of the expansion efforts Tokyo Sharehouse is in the process of creating English version of the website so that non-Japanese users will be able to access the services of the company easily without any language related glitches. There are various views prevailing regarding the concept of share house in Japan. This makes international visitors that are planning for Tokyo stay hesitate to use this accommodation option. Tokyo Sharehouse is trying to unveil the mysteries behind the share houses in Japan, making it easy for international visitors choose this option.
Tokyo Sharehouse was founded by Tetsuro Moriyama who moved to Tokyo from the countryside. This made Tetsuro Moriyama experience the share houses in the city which spurred the thought to provide most reliable and the most up to date information on the share houses in Japan. Normally people travelling from abroad to Japan find it hard to get affordable accommodation option. Though share houses in Japan offers affordable housing options, lack of adequate information regarding such options make share houses virtually inaccessible to the visitors. To bridge this gap, Tokyo Sharehouse LLC., has created a website which features all the information required to find the best share houses in Japan. This website features only the most up to date information and all the outdated information is removed regularly to make the website a highly dependable resource on Japanese share houses.
All the information posted here at Tokyo Sharehouse are personally verified by the Tokyo Sharehouse employees. Only those share houses that accommodate foreign visitors are featured here. Tokyo Sharehouse features all the crucial information required by the customers to make the right choices. This website features information such as the managers’ policies, photos of the share houses, monthly rent, connecting train line, accessibility from the important locations and the railway station, etc., to help the users make well informed decisions while selecting the share house.

Not only foreigners that are planning for Tokyo stay look for share houses but share houses are even more popular among the locals especially among those in the age groups of twenties and thirties. Share houses in Japan have come a long way and today customers can find fully furnished share houses. Added to that share houses also host events conducted by share house management. Tokyo Sharehouse brings users the most up to date listing of share houses in Japan so that users find all the information required regarding this affordable accommodation option in Japan.