Ken Kindt of Signworld Applauds 12 Point SignWorks for Sweet CeCe Deal

Laguna Hills, CA – December, 26, 2011 – Ken Kindt of Signworld today applauded Murray Johns and his team at 12 Point SignWorks for the recent deal with Sweet CeCe

Online PR News – 27-December-2011 – – Headed by Murray Johns, 12 Point SignWorks is a Signworld operation in Franklin, TN.
Congratulating Murray and his team on this successful deal, Ken Kindt, Owner of Signworld said, “With great pleasure, I announce that Sweet CeCe, a frozen yogurt chain based in Nashville, TN has chosen 12 Point Signworks as their preferred Sign manufacturer. I congratulate Murray and his whole on this achievement.”

Ken Kindt then invited Murray Johns to address the congregation and give some insights on how he converted this deal. "Sweet CeCe currently has 39 locations in 10 states. Eyeing the corporate decision makers, we decided to prove ourselves first by working with one local store to create some custom interior signage and please them with our quality of work. They then introduced us to the top management and from there we never looked back."

"We studied the original signage from the incumbent sign company and decided to come up with an interior sign package that would be easier to install, simpler to fabricate and would come at a lower cost. We created prototypes of different options and settled on two styles from which the new franchisees can choose. Going by the quality of our designs and ease of use, 5 more stores placed their orders with us", added Murray.

Signworld played a major role in helping Murray and his team grab this deal. "In Signworld business model, we encourage our owners to work hard through the consultation process and show the value of their service to one customer. Murray did the say and then climbed the ladder to a much bigger partnership", said Ken Kindt.

"As a Signworld owner, one receives high end sign making equipment and software, point-of-sale, accounting and contact management equipment and software. All these coupled with proper guidance and support from the experienced team at Signworld go a long way to help them achieve their financial goals in this competitive sign industry", added Ken Kindt.

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