‘Nathan’s Cougar’ marks a switch in genres for Stelly

Noted scifi author Timothy N. Stelly "shocks the literary world" with his erotic comedy Nathan's Cougar.

Online PR News – 26-December-2011 – – In January Secret Cravings Publishing will release Nathan’s Cougar, the latest novel from Timothy N. Stelly, Sr., who is best known for his Human Trial scifi trilogy. Nathan’s Cougar marks a change in genres for the eclectic author, who with his latest work explores a torrid triangle between a young man (Nathan) and his best friend’s mother and sister. Stelly calls the book, “Different from anything else in that genre as it is an erotic comedy laden with absurdist humor.”

Stelly says, “The book was essentially written on a dare by a trio of female readers of my work, who chastised me for writing love scenes that were tepid; where the action was insinuated rather than shown in graphic detail.” He adds that the book was originally intended as a haibun, a form of Japanese long verse, and it is not a graphic adult novel per se. “Yes, there is a graphic, bawdy element to the novel, but at the same time it covers some serious issues. That there are often dire repercussions to sexual obsession and that everything good to you isn’t necessarily good for you.”

“I chose to keep the tenor light because I did not want to come of as preachy,” Stelly says. “Readers can make up their own minds about the moral fiber, or lack thereof, of the characters.”

The story centers on eighteen-year-old Nathan Taylor, who has been best friends with Ricky Ryan since they were in third grade. Because of Nathan’s conspicuous endowment, Nathan is seduced by Ricky’s sexually unfulfilled mother, Maxine. At the same time Nathan is carrying on with her daughter Antoinette (Ricky’s sister), and a bevy of other women.

After Ricky is sent to prison for assaulting his wife of a few months, the triangle between Nathan and the two Ryan women takes an even sharper turn. Maxine and Antoinette reveal a series of stunning secrets that leave Nathan desperate for a way out. Nathan’s problems are exacerbated by his continuing to “think with the wrong head.” Desperate and confused, Nathan finds comfort in the eyes of two other women—one the mother of his child, which he knew nothing about—and Ricky’s ex-wife.

“My book is not an exercise in prurient expression, as some might think, but rather a cautionary tale about young men who make reckless decisions regarding sex and who value the conquest rather than the intimacy of a truly loving relationship,” Stelly says. “I hope readers will find it a funny, thought-provoking piece that provides a tingle and a teardrop or two. I hope readers see it as an uncommon twist on the aspects of lust, love, naiveté and betrayal.”

The book is available at the Secret Cravings website in ebook and paperback format, and is also available from amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com in paperback, kindle and Nook formats.