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Online PR News – 24-December-2011 – – Bangalore, India, 23 December 2011 – Prakasha Publishing announces a new YouTube channel which provides a way for readers to preview titles featured on the TantraTexts website.
Mike Magee has translated many ancient tantrik texts containing much highly regarded material about the traditions. The videos help explain the essence of these texts. The video on the Mysteries of the Red Goddess sheds light on the Yantras and symbolism of Lalita, goddess within the Indian tantrik tradition with translation of Vamakeshvarimata. The Matrikabheda Tantra video is about the brief Kaula text containing some interesting threads alluded to in only a few other tantras.

The videos also reveal fascinating facts aboutf ancient trantrik texts such as the Yoni Tantra and Tantrik Astrology. Many Western commentators have alleged that the "secret sādhana" was veiled by a twilight language, but the Yoni Tantra explodes this myth. Tantrik Astrology is all about spiritual enrichment through astrology.

The channel also has videos on the Grade Papers of the Magical Order of AMOOKOS, the Arcane Magical Order of the Knights of Shambhala. Another video explores the ancient magical and philosophical systems and the Grimoire and Geomancy of the Brazen Angel. The YouTube channel also includes a video on the magic of Ganesha or Ganapti, as it is set out in the original Hindu tantrik text.

The videos are available on the YouTube Channel here:

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eBooks by Mike Magee

Yoni Tantra:
Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology:
The Book of the Brazen Angel:
The Grade Papers of the Magical Order of AMOOKOS:
The Matrikabheda Tantra:
The Mysteries of the Red Goddess:

About Mike Magee

Mike Magee started to learn Sanskrit in the mid 1970s, initially taking lessons at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London. At that time he was aco-editor of the influential East-West magazine SOTHiS. He researched widely at the India Office and the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, digging up manuscripts which hadn’t seen the light of day for years. In 1981 he was lucky enough to break his leg and it didn’t heal for four years, which gave him lots of time to attempt translations of core texts. Magee has translated many texts since then, including the Vamakeshvarimata, the Matrikabhedatantra and the Yoni Tantra.

He has a website at which contains much highly regarded material about the traditions. As well as his Sanskrit studies in his brown room, Magee also co-founded several influential tech magazines such as The Register and the INQUIRER. He currently edits

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