The SportStation Shares Secret to Properly Breaking in a Baseball Glove

Breaking in a Baseball glove is time consuming but necessary to be able to get the best performance value from your baseball glove. Without the glove being broke in properly, this leads to errors and missed opportunities on the field.

Online PR News – 23-December-2011 – – On the field, a Baseball Glove is an extension of the player’s body. This extension allows the player to field the ball securely and safely. Having a baseball glove that fits and is broken in properly, gives the player an advantage on the field, allowing for crucial plays to be made defensively. Imagine the humiliation of a player dropping a fly ball because his glove will not open easily, or close properly, or the missed double play that would have ended the inning.

Breaking in a baseball glove properly and quickly is vital to all players. Every player with a new baseball glove has to break it in, but knowing how to properly do this can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Jim Garner, President of The SportStation of Tinley Park, Illinois explains the proper way to break in and care for a new baseball glove. “Break it in naturally by opening and closing it with the players hand inside the baseball mitt;” said Jim Garner, “throwing and catching in a non-game situation will also help expedite the break-in process.” Jim also explained that it is important to keep the baseball mitt out of the rain, “this is what causes the inside to smell badly, mildew will begin to grow inside the glove making the players hands smell bad and can lead to other health issues if the player doesn’t wash their hands after using the glove,” said Jim Garner.

Baseball Mitts can be oiled to help break in the glove, but most players do not realize that the gloves are pre-oiled from the manufacturer and generally take two to three months to wear off. When asked if there was a secret to a faster break in period for baseball gloves, Jim Garner smiled and had this to say, “The SportStation has a unique process that we share with our customers, any customer that purchases a glove from our store will be able to have their glove steamed in our rare and unique glove steamer. This is the best way to expedite the break in process for any baseball glove.”

The SportStation is an authorized dealer for many sporting equipment manufacturers and has several baseball gloves available for purchase in their store or online at The SportStation also allows players to create their own custom baseball glove using their online glove builder.

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The SportStation has been supplying sports teams and organizations with sporting equipment and team uniforms since 1986. They currently offer the largest brand selection of high quality sporting equipment while helping to keep the equipment directors they supply within budget. The SportStation offers custom uniforms and can also help to develop a team’s look and feel with their in house art department, embroidery services and silk screening abilities. Whether supplying the whole team, coaches and umpires, or just needing a single item custom made, The Sportstation is worth checking out. The SportStations knowledgeable and friendly staff will make a great addition to the team.

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