Beachbody Releases The All New Les Mills PUMP Home Workout

Les Mills Body Pump is now available as an in home workout program called PUMP by Beachbody. Les Mills PUMP has officially been released on 12/22/2011.

Online PR News – 27-December-2011 – – The Les Mills brand of fitness classes that are available in over 60 countries by thousands of fitness instructors is now available as an in home DVD workout program. Les Mills International recently teamed up with Beachbody, maker of some of the best selling and most recognized “As Seen On TV” fitness products and kings of late night infomercials for insomniacs. Beachbody Inc, better known for slick infomercials and taglines like "Get Ripped in 90 Days" and for their popular fitness programs like P90X, Brazil Butt Lift, and Shaun T’s Insanity, as well a whole slew more.

Recently they launched a first for them called Les Mills Pump. Beachbody representatives proclaim the workout to be based on the internationally recognized Les Mills Body Pump classes taught in over 14,000 gyms. Many recent comments from fitness instructors whose livelihood is wrapped up in teaching Les Mills classes are negative towards the program. Independent instructors aren’t excited at the prospects of having the classes they instruct available to anyone, anywhere, via an in home DVD program.

The Beachbody Les Mills PUMP Workout – What You Get For Your Money

Although based on the BodyPump class, representatives from Beachbody state this version is not a direct copy and paste of it. Beachbody worked directly with the people at Les Mills International to deliver a program that uses the same principles you find in class but aspiring to make it unique with very little overlap from what you get through a trainer at the gym. In fact the idea of this workout is not to compete with BodyPump classes, but rather compliment them. Someone who wouldn’t be caught dead in a gym but likes the idea of high rep/ low weight exercises is the primary target audience of the Beachbody Les Mills Pump workout. The main goal of the program is to get beginner exercisers comfortable enough with the Les Mills style, which would naturally lead them to the BodyPump gym classes.

According to program comes in two forms. There’s the base kit and deluxe kit. Depending on what level of intensity you’re looking for and how much money you have available to spend on this program would dictate which kit is right for you. The base kit is probably the best bang for your buck. It comes with 7 DVD workouts ranging in length from 55 minutes to 10 minutes. You also get some nice equipment pieces that are crucial to the program, like a barbell with two 5lb plates and two 10 lb plates and safety clips. In addition you get a fitness guide that helps you map out your 90 day progress and stay the course as well as nutrition guide with over 50 recipes and a 7 day jumpstart guide. The deluxe kit comes with quite a bit more. For instance you get a step platform plus four risers for the lower body, and 3 additional sports-inspired cardio workouts bringing the total workouts to ten.

The retail $165.85 that's been suggested for the base kit is par for course when you compare it to some of Beachbody’s other programs. It’s about $45 more than the recently launched P90X2 workout, but that base kit only comes with 12 DVD’s, a few fitness guides and no gear. So you can figure the extra $45 is for the barbell and plates, which is in line with sporting goods store prices.

The new home workout featuring the Les Mills BodyPump technique is described by Beachbody not as a replacement of the real classes taught by instructors. It’s a complement, a segue if you will for beginners who shy away from the spotlight that’s usually associated with gyms. This program was designed to be a confidence builder claiming to deliver a way for the average man or woman to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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