Total Hearing range expansion

Total Hearing are pleased to announce their range expansion

Online PR News – 24-December-2011 – – Total Hearing

Total Hearing are pleased to announce their range expansion, they have doubled their range of assistive hearing devices and hearing treatments.

Total Hearing is backed by The Regional Hearing Services who have 50 or so local hearing centres throughout the UK. Both of services look to provide hearing care for people with or without hearing aids. They know that quality care will lead to positive results for your hearing. Total Hearing provide a range of services from hearing aid maintenance to ear hygiene treatments, making sure all aspects of hearing trouble is covered.

To enable them to offer high standard of service they have recently expanded their ranges, offering you products that may suit you better than others. To get give you a flavour of some of the recent expansion are will touch areas of Total Hearing that have had an injection of extra products.

With this being a common ear complaint of many people through out the country and not a pleasant one. Total Hearing has now made sure there is a tinnitus treatment for everyone. Added to this range of tinnitus treatments are a collection of CD’s aimed to sooth cases of tinnitus helping the individual to forget about the tinnitus regular that they are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Gadgets for the hearing impaired
This range has had the biggest expansion with numerous products been added to provide assistance around the house. Arrange of assistive telephones are included in this range, which look to improve the ability for the hard of hearing to acknowledge their phone when they in around their house. Also they have a range of indicators and amplifiers that can just be connected to your existing telephone, which will notify you with 95dB ring or a large flashing strobe light.

Finally in this range expansion they have a selection of alarm clocks which can notify the user with a 113dB ring or if included they can be woken by a shaker you place underneath your pillow wakening you when its time to get up for breakfast.

This whole range is here to help you whether you suffer from hearing or sight impairment. To check out the full range expansion head to