Clinic Compare Look At The Future Of Coupon Culture of Cosmetic Surgery

Clinic Compare look at whether Discount Vouchers Websites are the Future of Cosmetic Surgery

Online PR News – 04-January-2012 – – Not so long ago, cosmetic surgery was only for the wealthy and famous. Yet in recent years, cosmetic procedures have become more accessible to anyone with a credit card or the means to take out a loan. Minor procedures can be carried out during the lunch hour, and women organise Botox parties for their friends. It is also becoming popular to go abroad for dental and cosmetic procedures, as costs can be considerably cheaper. So, as cosmetic surgery becomes increasingly mainstream, what does the future hold? Will web savvy savers be seeing Gastric Bands next to a deal on 8 courses of Tapas in their inbox anytime soon?

Recent Developments
The surprising development is that cosmetic treatments are becoming available at discount prices. Bargain-hunters have discovered sites such as Groupon, which work in the following way. Deals are offered for experiences such as restaurant meals, hotel stays, days out and beauty treatments. These are available at substantial discounts, but only if a minimum number of people sign up for the deal. Once that number is reached, each person receives a voucher to use at the venue concerned.

What Weird and Wonderful Treatments are available?
Recent deals have included offers for laser hair removal sessions and the potentially cosmetic converted can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on these costly treatments. Although laser hair removal does not, as is popularly thought, remove it permanently, it makes a significant difference, and is thus an appealing alternative to daily shaving or other temporary methods.

Bargain Facelifts?
So the question must be asked, will other, more surgical procedures become available through discount voucher sites, and would it be a sensible option to choose? When choosing where to have cosmetic surgery, it would not be wise to make such a significant decision based on price. Other factors are more important, such as the qualifications and skills of the practitioner, and whether aftercare is available in the event of problems occurring. When a salon offers cosmetic treatments at vastly reduced prices, it is unlikely that it will come with the same quality service as is offered at full price. This would simply not be economically viable.

Establishments participate in these voucher schemes as a form of cheap advertising. By offering bargain prices, especially for something that a client might have thought previously unaffordable, they entice a high number of people through the door in the hope of gaining repeat custom. The problem with treatments such as Botox is their time-limited effect. So if a salon were to offer Botox treatments via discount websites, the client might have their initial treatments at a cheaper price, but would need to pay the full price for further treatments to maintain the effect. Whether enticing customers through their doors using these initial deals will result in the reward of repeat business or increased publicity, the desired result of the initiative, is up for debate.

Voucher problems
Some users of discount websites report problems when attempting to use their vouchers. Since bookings must be made in advance, it can be difficult, even impossible, to find a suitable slot, which would be exacerbated in the case of needing to book a series of treatments. Others feel that they are valued less than clients paying full price, and do not receive quality service, even if they are able to book a session.

The vouchers offered by discount websites seem far more suited to one-off experiences, or treatments such as haircuts. Savings should not be sought in the case of more invasive treatments, as these could have far greater consequences if something goes wrong. This should mean that any potential cosmetic patient considering buying a 'boob job' voucher should take time to think about the potential problems that could possibly arise and how they are covered if the worst should happen. Any cosmetic bargain hunters tempted by such deals should also take their time to consider such a treatment rather than being swayed by a time limit. Decisions to undergo any cosmetic procedure shouldn't be rushed for the sake of a bargain.

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