UNCA, Inc. Held 1st Annual Fundraiser to Benefit Uninsured Patients…Jazz for Humanity

UNCA's Jazz for Humanity grassroots fundraiser held in Atlanta GA was a success for the benefit of Georgia's uninsured population.

Online PR News – 08-June-2009 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
Jazz for Humanity Fundraiser in Atlanta on May 31

ATLANTA – UNCA, Inc (Uninsured Network for Coverage and Access), a nonprofit medical gift registry and advocacy organization serving uninsured and underinsured Georgians, held its 1st annual fundraiser benefit.

The grassroots event featured the live jazz entertainment of Nelson Render, Marvin Pryor, Ennis Harvey and Carry Davis. The five piece jazz ensemble was a hit among the attendees. This intimate affair was held the afternoon of May 31st in efforts to promote UNCA’s mission to serve as a financial resource and advocate for Georgia’s uninsured and underinsured in order to prevent medical debt. Guests enjoyed smooth jazz, wine and light hors d’oeuvres as they were introduced to the organization, the founder and board members.

The take away from the event was that the community is committed to supporting UNCA, Inc in its efforts of advancing the cause to assist the uninsured. Many are passionate about addressing the lack of healthcare insurance in Georgia, as they are able to relate since all are either affected firsthand or personally know someone that is.

The success of the event and the outpouring support in the form of donations received from those in attendance and others alike, further exemplifies its motto of Reassuring the Uninsured, One Gift at a Time. Given the grassroots style of the event, it shows that it is not the size of the turnout, but rather the size of the commitment in the hearts of the community that truly matters. “With the success of the fundraiser, UNCA is strongly encouraged to continue toward greater successes in the coming year to upholding its mission” said Shauntay D. Walton, Founder and Executive Director. “UNCA is empowered and enthused by the positive feedback and successful outcome from the event.”

About UNCA

UNCA, Inc. (Uninsured Network for Coverage and Access) is a nonprofit medical gift registry and advocacy organization founded to address the needs of the growing uninsured population in the state of Georgia.  UNCA was officially incorporated in February of 2008. The foundation offers financial support and advocacy to those facing medical illnesses in need of assistance with medical bills, medications, medical equipment, etc. UNCA envisions healthcare coverage and access for all Americans. Through a supportive healthcare system, all citizens will benefit from quality care. For more information, visit http://unca.cfsites.org.