Premier Fitness Academy K11 Launches Fitness Manuals

Place, December 2011 – The K11 Fitness Academy, aone of the foremost & most respected fitness academy in India, is proud to announce the launch of their latest, most

Online PR News – 24-December-2011 – – Place, December 2011 – The K11 Fitness Academy, aone of the foremost & most respected fitness academy in India, is proud to announce the launch of their latest, most updated Fitness Course Manuals & these study/reference guides promise to be the gold standard in the Indian Fitness Education Industry., Up until K11 came on the scene, the norm with Fitness Academies unfortunately was to give students a Course manual that was just an amalgamation of chapters taken from the study material of various international certification exams. This was done as a mere formality & the course manual except for the pure sciences such as anatomy & exercise physiology (which cannot be changed or represented differently) did not bear any relevance to the subject matter taught in the lectures of those courses. In short, a student could not use that manual as a study guide & neither later as a reference guide. These manuals were also poorly printed, spiral bound books that simply fell apart.The fitness manuals are essentially represent each & every lecture taught at the K11 Fitness Academies. They are constantly updated & are extremely comprehensive. These manuals are a combination of Compilations & Chapters written by K11 Co-Founder & Director – Kaizzad Capadia as well as K11 Senior Faculty. These manuals are factual & accurate & will stand up to any scientific scrutinyThe K11 Personal Trainer Manual,is available in Hindi & Marathi too. The manual has been painstakingly professionally translated into these vernacular mediums in order to enhance its reach & overcome language barriers in the way of education. both in English and Marathi, is a The author Kaizzad Capadia has managed to convey the science behind the human bodies response to exercise & scientifically correct way to exercise in very simple words that even a lay person would understand. This has been done without diluting the vast topic of exercise science.The complete repertoire of weight training exercises have been given in this manual with Anatomical drawings depicting the muscles involved in each movement plus each exercise has been shot using K11 model trainers to show the right form & technique of each. Apart from this mere listing of exercises, each exercise has been duly analysed for itr return on investment of energy expended on each. In short any trainer reffering to this manual will know which are the exercises worth doing & which deserve to be skipped & why. This is why the K11 Personel Trainer Manual is a must-have reference guide for any personal trainer.The K11 Sports Nutrition Course Manual is absolutely one of its kind in the Indian Fitness Industry. It defines Exercise & Sports nutrition, it deals with metabolic fates of the 3 Macro-Nutrients & the need for Micro-Nutrients in measures way above the RDA for exercisisng individuals. It shows a scientific approach to Diet prescription for Fat-Loss & Muscle Gain based on the hormonal & bio-chemical response of the body to intake of various foods & various timings. It completely rubbishes with scientific validations the age old “A Calorie is a Calorie” premise. It blows up the myths surrounding the highly misunderstood subject of Sports Nutritional Supplementation. It defines the various categories of Supplements available today & elaborates on their correct usage for maximum benefit. It truly is a must-have guide for any Nutritionist/Dietitian working or attached to a gym & who has to prescribe diets for gym members. It is also a great book to keep for Personal Trainers who are a one point contact for their clients. This will allow them to get a better hold over the results that they can get from their clients.This manual has been duly professionally translated into Hindi as well.In case you are not a certified trainer & are looking for a work book that couold give you ready made exercise protocols for beginners, intermediates & Advanced trainees, then look no further than the K11 Programmer manual which has perfectly designed exercise schedules for all levels. The workouts listed are detailed with specific intensities & volume spelled out for you & hence leaves no scope for guess work. The work book comes with a chapter on selection criteria & thus allows you to select the right workout for your member or client. Even gyms can buy this workbook for their trainers, especially the gyms that do not have qualified programmers.These reader friendly, comprehensive, thoroughly detailed, color illustrated & scientifically accurate fitness manuals are available as a Hardbound, professionally formatted Text Book.Those interested can purchase the manuals via the company website - K11 Fitness Academy founded by Mr. Kaizzad Capadia & Ms. Devaki Khimjee, has been a leading name in the fitness education industry since years now. With branches in many Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Nashik, Indore and Sangli, the academy has striven to make fitness professionals realize their moral obligations to their profession, accelerating their commendable success rate.