Japanese urushi meets Italian design. Elena Galli Giallini creates a new brand for Morishige.

Morishige Company is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of designer furniture under the name of “DEINDE COLLECTION”, created by Elena Galli Giallini.

Online PR News – 24-December-2011 – – Takamatsu (KAGAWA - JAPAN) December 22nd, 2011 -
This project began when Morishige, a leading manufacturer of furniture with natural lacquer urushi in Japan, met the Italian architect designer Elena Galli Giallini and asked her to help the company lead the way into a world where the beauty of urushi could be rejuvenated with fresh ideas.
The Italian designer was motivated by her long-term fascination for Japanese lacquer and was inspired by the challenge of devising a new conception, to reveal an innovative aesthetic for this traditional artistry.
For this new brand, Elena Galli Giallini has chosen the approach to reviving the best qualities of delicate Japanese craftsmanship, working on a linear aesthetic, with rigorous forms and luxurious finishing.

“My theme was –tradition within modernity- and inside that route I wanted to blend the sensuous fascination of art with the actual functionality of design, making them complementary each other, for objects that should be innovative and timeless,” says Elena Galli Giallini.
The “Deinde Collection” emphasizes the importance of bringing together tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and technology, artistic technique and industrial design.
The project involves a scrupulous choice of materials. Steel, wood and the Japanese natural lacquers are brought together in a contemporary synthesis.

With current appeal, Deinde Collection integrates smooth simplicity with richly textured surfaces, solidity and lightness as well as Western and Oriental styles. The result is a set of furniture characterized by
interplay of minimalist shapes and embroidery motifs, textile-like patterns of Japanese urushi.
The Italian designer followed the development of the entire process, from the design concept through to the prototype and the finished product. She also dedicated significant energy to the complex, experimental stages of the production of new urushi exploiting all its potentialities and versatilities.
This series of furniture comprising sideboards, cabinets, low tables, dining tables, sofas and chairs,
has recently been presented at the International Furniture Fair in Tokyo IFFT 2011, where it received an enthusiastic response from the public and the traders.

The name “DEINDE” is a Latin word which means “Next”, “Thereafter”, “From now on”. This term contains a specific reference to a new and better future. After the terrible tragedy of the Great Earthquake and Tsunami in the Tohoku Region, the designer wanted to emphasize the need for hope, the importance of a new beginning. All these meanings and emotions are evoked in the “DEINDE COLLECTION”.