Beasley & Henley Reveal Interior Design Trends for 2012

Stephanie Beasley, principal for the Winter Park, Florida interior design firm Beasley & Henley, merges the past and present to describe the future of interior design trends for 2012.

Online PR News – 24-December-2011 – – Winter Park, Florida --- Design trends for 2012 are emerging. In the same way that a historian can predict the future, Beasley & Henley has proven time and time again that an interior design firm can use an experienced eye to see what will be “in” – and what will sell. After all, having a grasp on current trends and being able to predict (or create) future trends are how designers make their living.

Stephanie Henley, principal for Beasley & Henley Interior Design, has recently publicized and blogged about colors, fabrics, fixtures and furnishings that will be the artistic selling points of 2012.

Modern-only styles of the past decade are out as different eras and textures juxtapose in ways that are fresh and sophisticated. Natural choices and eco-consciousness is almost a given.

The dominant color will be grey in warm, light, and charcoal shades; yellow will be a fresh, uplifting complement. While monochrome elements will never go out of style, indigo blue and grass green are nods to nature. Greige as another hot color trend for 2012. Greige refers to raw textiles before dyeing or bleaching and, as a color, stands for a beige-green hybrid. The more earthy brown is losing its draw, and while orange will still be hanging around, purple is on its way out.

In what Henley has christened “Paris Flea Market meets Driftwood Salvage”, she describes the furnishing elements that capture a natural and rustic feel that blend different eras for a modern feel. From antiques making a comeback to reclaimed wood furniture and finishes that range from wire-brushed to bleached oak and grey washes. Industrial-feel elements like chrome fittings and repurposed occasional tables or side carts paired with modern pieces will create character for 2012.

In addition, Beasley & Henley have picked up on a trend among manufacturers who are making lounge chair seating lower to the ground for 2012. The standard 20 inches will lower to 17 or 18 inches off the floor. Henley muses that this may be to accommodate lower ceilings and smaller houses.

Where environmental consciousness will take the big stage is in fabrics. Nubby cottons, loose weaves, and Belgian linens in soft tones, such as warm whites, sandy beiges, light greys, and tans: these fabrics will be accessible and affordable in most price categories. A particularly exciting development will be that many will be dual-purposed and beautiful for both exterior and interior use.

Accessories and art trends for 2012 have taken a little less dramatic leap. Reclaimed pieces turned into lamps, lighting, and other objets d’art; oversized prints, oversized photography, polished and satin brass hardware with a modern flair have carried over from the past couple of years.

As for Henley’s confidence in her predictions, she says, “Bring it on, 2012!” Judging by the financial and critical success of Beasley & Henley, she has every reason to be absolutely sure.

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