, A New Website Started By A College Student, Is Taking The Internet By Storm
12/24/2011, a leading discount website in the USA, is taking the Internet by storm. The website is started by a college student, and quickly grew to include thousands of retailers.

Online PR News – 24-December-2011 – –, a leading discount coupon website in the USA, is taking the Internet by storm. The website is started by a college student, and quickly grew to include thousands of retailers. To date, it has included over ten thousand stores on the site.

Discount shopping online

On the Internet, price has always been transparent. In other words, buyers tend to go online to search and compare prices before making a purchase. Retailers are well aware of this fact. In order to capture new customers and retain existing ones, many have resorted to running attractive promotions. These promotions usually involve releasing coupon codes.

A coupon code is a string of letters of alphabets that the buyer needs to use when making a purchase. When the coupon code has been applied, the discounted price appears immediately. This is all part of the check out process. In other words, all buyers who apply the coupon successfully get to enjoy instant savings.

One might be curious as to how much a buyer can save by applying such coupons from During the festive season, buyers are in a shopping mood. They are already prepared to spend money on gifts, presents, vouchers, etc. Sometimes, spending can go up to thousands of dollars. Each coupon from offers a different discount. Some offer free shipping, while others offer a percentage off the sale price. When the final amount is calculated, one might be pleasantly surprised to find that savings can be worth up to several hundred dollars! That is, by no means, a small amount.


"As a college student, I'm always looking for great deals on the Internet," said JD Singh the founder of CouponRoo. "I discovered that I can save a lot when I apply coupons for online purchases. After some time, I decided to start a company on my own which would provide working coupons to internet users."

It turned out to be the right thing to do for this brilliant college student. started with just a few coupons; It soon started to grow as more and more people learned about the great discounts that they can get from the website. Word spread like wild fire and today, the website is proud to offer coupons from thousands of well known retailers.

Apply discount coupons

Some people are skeptical about discount coupons because they think that only poor brands need to offer such discounts to attract customers. A quick visit to the website will reveal that online buyers can get coupons from branded companies as well.

The homepage of the website features a few reputable companies. These are giants in the retail industry. To get coupons, buyers simply need to browse through the well organized categories to identify the right items. A quick search can also be performed on the site. Once the right merchant have been found, simply click on the coupon codes. The codes will be applied instantly on the retailer's website or copied into your clipboard to be used during checkout on the retailer's website..