Artist Ryan Paul Simmons attends the 2010 Key West Food & Wine Festival

Jan 28-31 the 1st annual Key West Food & Wine Festival will take place. Critically acclaimed artist Ryan Paul Simmons will be in attendance.

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Miami, FL Jan 27, 2010

Jan 28-31 the 1st annual Key West Food & Wine Festival will take place. Critically acclaimed artist Ryan Paul Simmons will be in attendance.

Simmons style is not limited by the typical, pre-define genre of an "Artist", his works include provoking abstracts, bold pop art statements, inquisitive sculptural creations, performance art and personal expression in fashion. For over 16 years he has experimented, manipulated and defined a new vision of expression in his renderings. While previously confined to select galleries and private collections, he exploded in 2008 with the imposing "Barock the Vote" monolithic pop art creation. From the Smithsonian to several inaugural balls Mr. Simmons presented the iconic vision of the president elect and shared the spotlight with critical acclaim from such Hollywood luminaries as Matt Damon, Marisa Tomei, and Jason Alexander just to name a few.

While Mr. Simmons has become recognized for his Andy Warhol style of pop art, his abstract artwork has been featured in galleries in New York, L.A., and Chicago. His collective works are currently in an exclusive showing at the Mediterranean Mansion located at 1350 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139. In 2009, Mr. Simmons completed an 8'’ pop art painting of a young Hugh Hefner for the 2009 Playboy New Year's party. Since then Mr. Simmons has gained notoriety exposing his distinct style during Art Basel 2009. He rocked Basel along with Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Hunt Slonem, and more at the Satellite Art + Design Show Miami.

Mr. Simmons formed "The226" company as a merchandising and marketing vehicle for his future artistic and fashion endeavors. Most people don't know that the "226" stands for his birthday, February, 26. Mr. Simmons revolves everything around these numbers. Having said that his next birthday bash will be celebrated at the Key West Food & Wine Festival. Explore Mr. Simmons' art at


I don't view life the same as you do. My vision is quite original and unique in every aspect. I create the beat of the drum I walk to. Most people are followers or don't know how to create their own path throughout life. This is not the case in my life. I create my own sense of fabric and color. In other words, I set the trends for fashion I follow. For those of you who personally know me, I'm not afraid of color or personal expression. If I could pick an era to live my life it would be the 40's. People in this era were true to each other and followed through with what they said. It is sad that in today’s time we can't even trust our own neighbors, let alone ourselves. I would love to bring my flare back to the basics of life. Being an abstract artist is an intense and challenging road. Everybody thinks my life is a walk in the park; how wrong they are. Everything that crosses my pupils, I break down into thoughts and feelings. For example: Let's say, I'm walking down the street and come across a palm tree. You might see a palm tree but not I. I see a bright yellow palm tree glowing like a highlighter on steroids. From this stems about 10-20 ideas and or emotions racing through my mind per second. Everything around the tree becomes quite clear that I'm looking at the yellow brick road that will lead me to Emerald City in "The Wizard of Oz". Next, I dissect the feelings and emotions that radiate from this vision. It brings me back to childhood and I feel wonderful. The idea of feeling like a child promotes me to enter a candy store in my head and indulge. I take all this energy and channel it to canvases filled with color and life. Remember that this is just an example of one concrete item that crossed my pupils. I see many things throughout the day, not to mention the ideas I dream up. Ideas just complicate the entire thought process because my thoughts don't compliment my vision. I keep them separate until I'm ready and prepared to unleash my paints. Living life as an abstract artist is very rewarding if you can battle the thin line between sanity and what most refer to as reality.

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