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Online PR News – 21-December-2011 – – Weight loss is an issue many women are facing today, especially the women who have just given birth. Along with pregnancy is the additional weight and women, immediately after birth just wants to get rid of it.

There are a lot of weight loss programs that new mothers can engage into. There are a lot of home remedy diet and exercise programs that women can use to shed off the extra pounds gained during pregnancy. Magazines are everywhere giving out their piece in weight loss after pregnancy. Video stores boast off their collections of exercises from fitness trainers and gurus. And the internet which is in everyone’s reach is in abundance of what new mothers need to know.

Though help is everywhere, new mothers’ quest for weight lose end up being unsuccessful. Why? This is what “Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Tips To Successful Weight Loss” tries to answer. It provides simple tips that new mothers can use as guide in their quest to weight loss after pregnancy.

Melinda Nicci who is a pre and postnatal fitness and lifestyle consultant provides her top tips for health and energy leading to weight loss after pregnancy. As a personal trainer, she has helped scores of women regain their pre pregnancy shape.

The first tip that she left readers is No Diets. According to her, “Most people who diet have lost hundreds and gained hundreds of pounds in their lives.” She added that “By dieting you will be restricting your self while you are on the diet, and what most people do is lose all sense of responsibility when they are off the diet- a healthy lifestyle will give you health, vitality, balance and you will probably look your best too!”

Another tip from her which can be read at http://WeightLossAfterPregnancyBlog.com, is to Eat Clean. Simple, healthy foods are important to keep the body healthy. She advises to get the freshest food as possible as it not only tastes good, it has also a higher nutrient value than the contemporaries which are frozen, processed or packed.

Melinda also pointed out the importance of Energy In versus the Energy Out. "Simply put, if you have the energy but are not using it, the fats in your body will remain in it."

Another essential to weight loss after pregnancy is Water. She says, “I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking water throughout your day. It is not sufficient to drink only when you are thirsty - the best way is to take water in little sips throughout the day and evening.”

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