Nova Japan to Launch English Lessons on the Internet to Japanese ng

Announces the Introduction of a complete, user-friendly and very effective online English school that would cater to the needs of Japanese nationalities who are looking to improve their English Conversation Skills

Online PR News – 22-December-2011 – – Japanese nationalities have a minimum of only 6 years of compulsory English education in their education system. This is a very short period of time to master the English language for non native English speakers. It is no wonder their 英会話スクール skills still lag behind when compared to other developing regions of the world, such as in Africa. Most Japanese nationals feel that there are very few, if any, qualified enough English tutors to teach and help with their practice. Furthermore, training for a foreign language, especially the pronunciation part, is often very challenging as there are very few places where learners can practice, and there lacks a method in place where students can receive 'objective' feedback.

"We at have taken the initiative to ensure that Japanese nationals get to speak and write as it is spoken and written in native English speaking countries" said James Don, the head of online pronunciation and speaking lessons during the launch of this new program. "We believe that the technological milestones that have been achieved to date provide an effective platform where Japanese nationalities who want to improve their English speaking and writing skills can take advantage of". He continued to say.

"The internet has broken the geographical barriers that existed a few decades ago, and which pushed those interested in enhancing their English speaking skills to pursue expensive means of mastering this language. Most people had been forced to fly out from Japan to English speaking countries just to get that opportunity to master the English language" said an evocative Head of Operations at at the launch of the online study platform. "This is what spurred the formation of an online study platform that knows no geographical boundaries, and which is a more affordable and convenient alternative than any other options available today," continued he.

rm that provides a convenient and affordable way to Japanese nationals to hone their English language skills while mastering the oral and written skills required to improve their English conversation. The English school has been in existence for a considerable period of time in Japan, before it decided to venture online in an effort to meet a wider target audience and cater to today's busy individuals who have to juggle between their English classes, family obligations and career responsibilities.

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