The Coaching Institute Provides Internationally Accredited Life Coaching Courses in Sydney and Melbourne

Diploma and Certificate Programs As Well as Continuing Training Offer Aspiring Life Coaches On-going Educational Support. The Coaching Institute, an internationally accredited, Melbourne-based life coaching institution, offers a wide array of certificate and diploma programs in the arena of life coaching. Most training is conducted online, with special events in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Online PR News – 22-December-2011 – – Melbourne, VIC December 21, 2011 – Aspiring life coaches in search of an internationally accredited education in this increasingly popular profession can now look to The Coaching Institute of Melbourne for a comprehensive suite of training solutions. Countless testimonials from successful coaches testify to the effectiveness of both certificate and diploma programs. Diploma programs offered by The Coaching Institute are accredited by the ICA.

Sharon Pearson, founder of The Coaching Institute, explains: “Life coaching can be an incredibly rewarding profession for the right person. The gratification that comes from steering clients toward success is a feeling like no other. So for those looking to make a lasting positive contribution to the lives of people across Australia and around the world, life coaching presents a unique opportunity.”

The Coaching Institute boasts several life and executive coaching programs, as well as Neurolinguistics training for sales professionals and others whose professions require them to motivate others. The institute has developed a free Coaching Resources Pack to give those interested in life coaching an overview of both the profession and the training process they must complete. Certification programs allow graduates to get started in the life coaching field relatively quickly and affordably, while internationally accredited diploma programs offer a complete curriculum which gives coaches all the tools they will need to excel.

“Coaching isn’t primarily about the financial rewards that come from guiding clients,” Pearson explains. “Rather, coaches get an immense sense of satisfaction from the success of each person they help, whether it’s a single dad who wants to spend more time with his family or a woman looking to improve people inside and out.”

A Coaching Resources Pack can be requested by visiting: In addition, the website lists various coaching events taking place in both Melbourne and Sydney, many of which are also available via phone.

About The Coaching Institute

Established in Australia in 2003, The Coaching Institute was begun with the objective of providing life and leadership coach training, resources and coaching services to people throughout Australia. The Coaching Institute's Advanced Practitioner Program and Diploma programs are ICF Accredited. Learn more at:


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