Access Consciousness Asks: “What Would It Look Like If You Could Show Up As The Gifted Infinite Being That You Truly Are. What Would It Look Like If You Said ‘Yes’ Everyday To Who You Truly Be, Whatever That Looks Like?” He Is Interviewed On “Dare To Dream” Radio With Deborah Dachinger.

Online PR News – 22-December-2011 – – After surviving a childhood that would make any pop psychologist expect him to be a mental patient, Dr. Dain Heer has become instead a healer, author, and lecturer who is known for consistently choosing the kindest, gentlest option.

As a chiropractor, Dain practiced Network Spinal Analysis briefly in California, prior to meeting Access Energy Transformation Founder Gary Douglas. Douglas candidly states, “In the first session I had with him, Dain literally saved my life.” Dain immediately converted his chiropractic practice to the practice of Access Energy Transformation, after finding that it gave him the ability to transform and transcend any boxes into which healing had previously been fit--and his career has been evolving ever since. He now performs miraculous healing on individuals, as well as facilitating advanced Access classes independently and with Access Founder Gary Douglas. He is sought after for individual and group sessions throughout the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe.

Dr. Heer has written a series of books on the topics of embodiment, healing, money and relationships. His latest book, Being You, Changing the World, was published in June 2011.
Dr. Heer asks: “What if you, being you, is all it takes to change EVERYTHING – your life, everyone around you and the world? If you are willing, this book can show you how to BE — beyond the cognitive and logical mind. It gives you the tools to choose YOU. Would you be willing to make the demand that you show up? Would you be willing to know what’s really true for you? It isn’t about succeeding as you. Or doing anything better. It is about BEING you. Whatever that may be. Has anyone ever asked you to show up as you? Just you?”

Dr. Dain Heer is co creator with founder Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness. A set of tools and processes to change any area of one’s life. Dr. Heer is interviewed on “Dare to Dream” radio, live or listen to the podcast on:

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