Drummers Get In The Studio With Jeff Porcaro At Play Drums By Ear

Drum blog has featured great session drummer, Jeff Porcaro, in a recent post. Drummers will get lessons from the famous drummer, see rare video performances, and hear an interview with Porcaro.

Online PR News – 20-December-2011 – – Chris Atchley of Play Drums By Ear has featured famous drummer, Jeff Porcaro, of the band Toto in his recent post. Atchley has been a long time fan of Porcaro and often refers to him as one of his favorite drummers. Atchley has collected a series of rare video performances and interviews to share with drummers around the world on his blog. Porcaro has had a successful career as a session drummer and performer in the band, Toto, and is a great model for any drummer hoping to make it in the music business to follow. Atchley’s recent post about Jeff Porcaro can be found at http://playdrumsbyear.net/drummers-who-matter/in-the-studio-with-jeff-porcaro/.

“You may have noticed in my ‘top ten’ drum beat article that Rosanna was number one,” Atchley says. “Jeff Porcaro was a session drummer that knew how to play a great money beat.”

According to Atchley, “When I started to gravitate more towards laying down simple grooves, instead of being a busy drummer, I really got into Porcaro’s playing.”

“I collected a series of video performances,” Atchley says, “Behind-the-scenes session drumming, and interviews of Jeff Porcaro that I think you will enjoy.”

Atchley offers a variety of articles and drum lessons on his website at http://playdrumsbyear.net/. Visit now for access to a long list of videos and lessons. Atchley’s recent post about his top ten drum groove picks can be found at http://www.onlineprnews.com/news/190480-1323473797-drummers-can-see-the-top-10-grooves-and-fills-according-to-chris-atchley-at-play-drums-by-ear.html/.

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