Baby Clue Edges out Corporate Entertainer Dad Tim Clue

Tim Clue, well known professional comedian, playwright, and one of the most requested corporate acts in the country, was surprised and thrilled to become a first time father. On December 30, 2009, Tim and wife Kathryn became the proud parents of Bailey Rose Clue, born six full weeks ahead of schedule.

Online PR News – 27-January-2010 – – When Chicago-based 25 year comic veteran Tim Clue began talking about his financial woes on stage he had no idea that it would soon become one of the most requested pieces of comedy on Sirius and XM Satellite radio and that this signature “Debt” bit would wind up a viral hit on YouTube (with over 50,0000 views).

Now Tim has another grand surprise, a new baby.

First time father Tim, along with wife Kathryn Clue, became the proud adoptive parents of Bailey Rose Clue, born six full weeks ahead of schedule on December 30.

Baby Bailey's birth parents were introduced to Tim and Kathryn by Kathryn's sister just months earlier. Tim and Kathryn barely had time to digest the fact that they would become new parents before Bailey made her surprise entrance into the world. Tim and Kathryn had to unexpectedly end their holiday family get together and fly to Virginia to be with Bailey's birth parents and meet their new baby.

Despite her early arrival, Bailey was released from the hospital on January 8th, healthy and robust. She was 4 pounds 5 ounces at birth, but weighed in at almost 5 pounds on her release date.

Tim's reaction to Bailey?

“Very small, very quiet, sleeps a lot,” says Clue. “She’s been great. While we were still in the hospital preemie ward, though, walking past that window displaying all the big, fully-baked bully babies kind of scared me. They looked like two-year olds. So I immediately became the overly protective father of my barely-four-pounder.” Clue added. “But now she’s got three chins and could take any one of them.”

In his capacity of Corporate Entertainer Clue has been called on to entertain and motivate employees for many business giants, including Microsoft, Boeing, Caterpillar, and Ski Doo Watercraft. He is called back often as a guest on Chicago radio giant WGN, and can be found headlining at comedy clubs around the country, and sometimes as the opening act for superstars such as Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Wright.

Tim has always interlaced family anecdotes into his comedy. It looks like he received the ultimate New Years gift with an addition to both his family, and his routine. Bailey will very likely provide endless hours of new anecdotes for Corporate employees around the country for years to come.

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