CBO Technologies Launches LANwriter

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Online PR News – 07-June-2009 – – IT and business heads who need to publish data securely on a secure network now have a powerful solution – LANwriter. LANwriter is the first in a suite of products from CBO Technologies which specializes in creating innovative data management and security products.

LANwriter is a unique intranet software product for centralized, secure and audited publishing of data to CD/DVDs, Pen Drives and FTP servers. This is done through a single computer on the network which can write on CD/DVD and Pen Drives as well as be used as a centralized FTP gateway.

LANwriter is a powerful tool which brings in a new level of security, ease and convenience for organization which have confidential and sensitive data. Its benefits range from enhanced corporate confidentiality and intellectual property protection to reduced hardware expenses. Its browser-based, intuitive user-interface ensures easy and rapid deployment and reduces IT staff's involvement in secure publishing of data.

An efficient approval work-flow provides organizations with a system which is secure and, yet, inclusive allowing legitimate users to publish data. Another innovative feature is the secure FTP gateway which provides enhanced security as FTP log-in details do not have to be shared with any of the users.

Cyberbackoffice Technologies is addressing market segments like pharmaceuticals, banking, finance, insurance, telecommunication, media, research & development and the knowledge sector which have sensitive and valuable data.