ChowNow Delivers Facebook Food Ordering System and Custom Restaurant Apps For the Mobile Market

Customers expecting a takeout or delivery service from their favorite restaurants are turning to Facebook or their mobile devices to order food online. ChowNow provides a powerful solution giving restaurants online ordering capability.

Online PR News – 22-December-2011 – – The demand for smart phones is rapidly increasing with customers turning to their devices to conduct as many of their daily activities as possible. Such devices used to be singularly focused on simple services such as email and messaging; however, as the complexity of the underlying hardware increased, so too did the applications it powers. Initially slow to adopt, mass consumers are now expecting their devices to simplify their life, assisting with work related tasks as well as everyday pleasures. One of those capabilities customers expect includes restaurant apps that allow them to order food online. Restaurateurs are taking notice, and have been turning to ChowNow, the mobile and Facebook online ordering system that provides customers with a wide array of touch points so they can always reach their favorite restaurants whether they are using their desktop computers, navigating through their Facebook, or simply on the go with their mobile device.

Restaurant owners seeking to deliver online ordering capabilities used to have to turn to custom application developers who would put together a specific package to support online ordering from their respective websites. While the custom approach worked for the most part, many were rigid and unable to quickly adapt to a dynamic restaurant that sought to align itself with the changes in customer preferences. Moreover, the touch points were limited to the website, unable to provide mobile-friendly interfaces for customers on the go. Finally, these custom systems were expensive and difficult to maintain. With the advent of more powerful mobility devices and the adoption reaching critical mass, the time was right for a new kind of restaurant app, one that is easily customizable, affordable and dynamic enough to align with changes in restaurant and customer tastes.

Enter ChowNow, the restaurant app of choice for restaurants seeking an online food ordering system that is social media and mobility friendly. Well received by restaurants and customers alike, ChowNow is a much needed evolution that is founded on the principle that states: in order to get the customers, you have to be visible to them wherever they go. In today's world, that translates to social media and the ubiquitous mobile devices in addition to traditional web sites. ChowNow delivers capabilities that allow restaurants to be front and center, a click or tap away from potential customers. By making it easy for the customers to engage, ChowNow has the potential to increase restaurant business by tapping into repeat as well as new customers. Restaurants know that the most efficient way to sustain their business is through repeat customers, and what better way to have them coming back for more than to make it easy for them to engage and order online.

We have made it easy for restaurants to engage with their online audience by allowing their customers to order directly through their Facebook page. We also help the restaurants grow their brand by creating custom apps designed specifically for their restaurant that can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device," explains Jason Iseman, Director of Marketing for ChowNow. "Restaurants simply send us their menu, and we take it from there. We will produce Facebook app, mobile apps and an ordering page for their website. We will help restaurants get familiar with their new system, and even help them promote their new capability."

ChowNow produces a mobile and Facebook online ordering system for restaurants, providing a powerful and cost-effective solution that gives restaurants the capability to engage and market to customers through online and mobile portals.