eToroUSA Starts 2010 with a Dramatic Upward Leap, According to Statistics

Last week’s statistics showed an unprecedented rise in eToroUSA’s page rank, both global and local, and in a huge growth in its reach. The numbers predict a spectacular year of growth and expansion for the unique visual FX trading software.

Online PR News – 28-January-2010 – – Whether the word about eToroUSA had got around during the holidays, or whether traders were saving up last year to open an account, the numbers speak for themselves. recorded a whopping 152,000 leap in page rank and an equally impressive 70% rise in the site’s reach factor, as calculated by, just in the first trading week of 2010. The young U.S. based IB, with its groundbreaking visually designed platform, has been waiting for U.S. traders to respond the way the world’s traders have already responded to the industry leading eToro platform. It seems that one week into 2010, that response is already well on its way.

“It was only a matter of time before U.S. forex traders got wind of what eToroUSA can offer them,” said eToroUSA CEO, Jonathan Assia. “A simple and educational platform gives an enormous advantage to a novice trader trying to learn forex trading for the first time. At the same time, we offer experienced traders a more comfortable trading interface, a connection to a leading U.S. broker, and of course eToroUSA is regulated by the NFA. I think that it’s reasonable to assume that 2010 will only keep getting better for us.”

eToroUSA is the registered IB for reputable U.S. Forex dealer member FX Solutions, combining innovative trading technology and sound financial solutions. Apart from its groundbreaking software, eToroUSA also takes a web 2.0 approach to forex trading by developing a fast growing international trading community, which can provide traders with a unique source of information, opinion and forex based discussion.

With a stellar first week of trading, eToroUSA is well on its way to introducing its one of a kind solution to a growing base of American traders as eToro forex platform did around the globe.