Research Shows Lab 88’S Snore Hush Found Essential For Optimal Health

Snore Hush Ensures Needed Rest, Proven Necessary for a Productive Life

Online PR News – 19-December-2011 – – Lab 88’s sleep aid, Snore Hush, promises a full night’s rest that is necessary to function daily at an optimal level. By sleeping without interruptions caused by snoring, individuals can lead healthier and longer lives.

Phyllis Zee, MD, PhD, Associate Director for the Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology reported, "Too many people are suffering from sleepless nights, and not enough understand the importance of getting a good night's sleep." "Sleep, like exercise and nutrition, is essential for good health and general well being. Make Sleeping Smart a priority."

Sleep like exercise and nutrition is essential for good health and general well being. Make Sleeping Smart a priority.

Sleep deprivation from snoring causes victims to be sluggish and less focused during the day. By home-remedying snoring with Snore Hush, users will be able to sleep more soundly through the night, helping them feel energized and alert the next day. Those who use Snore Hush may be more active, engaged and productive in their everyday lives.

A full night’s rest obtained by using Snore Hush will help to increase mental performance and alertness. Memory when strengthened, thoughts will be clearer and reaction times can sharpen, helping users function at a highly productive level.

Snore Hush’s formula includes Glycerin, which works to loosen the vibrating throat tissues. This effectively diminishes the frequency of snoring, allowing users to obtain the rest they need.

Snore Hush is a throat spray for victims who suffer from sleep interruptions due to moderate or excessive snoring. By aiming and dispensing the spray to targeted areas, the spray effectively helps to reduce snoring, eliminating the negative effects of sleep deprivation. A single two oz bottle is priced at an affordable $29.99. To find out more about Snore Hush or to purchase visit their website at" target="_blank" class="highlight_link">

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