Brandammo Announces Partnership With High Position

Cutting-edge web design company Brandammo have announced a partnership with leading SEO group High Position.

Online PR News – 27-January-2010 – – Renowned web design company Brandammo are pleased to announce their partnership with search engine optimisation industry leaders High Position.

The companies have worked together previously on clients such as Crown Brush and both sides felt that the experience was positive enough to do so more regularly. With Brandammo's flair for innovative yet functional design and High Position's proven results in the SEO field, both companies feel that this partnership will benefit the clients.

Brandammo will build the sites and communicate extensively with High Position throughout the design process, allowing the team to utilise their SEO and content writing abilities during the design phase rather than handling all of this when the site is live. This means that Brandammo's sites will go live in much better condition from a search engine perspective.

Brandammo director Tom Greaves had this to say: 'The decision not to expand on our in-house SEO offering was easily made after an initial meeting with the guys at High Position. Having the strengths and skill sets to raise our clients organic search listing meant that we could rest easy and focus on what we do best - designing.'

These are exciting times in the world of web design and with more and more companies entering the fray, both companies feel that this partnership gives them an invaluable edge.

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