Advanced BioNutrition Corp. Plays Part in Award

In October of 2010, the Chilean company CentroVet received the coveted Avonni Award for their work on a vaccine for fish.

Online PR News – 23-December-2011 – – In October of 2010, the Chilean company CentroVet received the coveted Avonni Award for their work on a vaccine for fish. CentroVet was named in the Marine and Land Resources Category for Innovations that Shape Business in 2010. Advanced BioNutrition Corp. is proud to announce their work on the CentroVet vaccine. This award demonstrates the power of the MicroMatrix Technology of Advanced BioNutrition Corp. in providing an oral delivery form of a vaccine.

The vaccine produced by CentroVet is designed to combat Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome (SRS). In the past, this disease has killed thousands of commercially grown salmon in Chile, and it was considered a very serious problem in the country. The vaccine created by CentroVet has proven surprisingly effective in combating the disease, but the company needed a new way to administer the vaccine. CentroVet knew that injectable vaccines are not always practical for farmers to use.

Advanced BioNutrition Corp. developed a freeze-dried, edible packaging for the vaccine. This MicroMatrix system protects the vaccine from deterioration, and the vaccine can then be added to the feed and thereby allowing the fish eat it directly. This oral delivery format represents a huge advance in the field of vaccine delivery, and the experts at Advanced BioNutrition Corp. have, since this time, modified to system and used it to deliver other vaccines as well as nutrients such as DHA and ARA.

This vaccine should help farmers reduce their reliance on antibiotics. Since their fish will not be at risk for SRS, they will not need to flood the animals with drugs to keep them healthy. Since the vaccine was introduced, fish deaths from SRS in Chile have decreased markedly, saving aquaculture companies millions of dollars and proving that this oral vaccine is highly effective.

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Advanced BioNutrition Corp. is a biotechnology company that has created a series of products that make the delivery of vaccines and probiotics more efficient. In essence, the company is responsible for making a series of “protective wrappers” for another product, helping that product stay viable for long periods of time and making that product easier for people to use.

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