Learn How to Become a Rockstar in Your Industry on This Week’s Red Tent Radio

Kane Minkus and Zahrina Robertson join host Ludwina Dautovic on this week’s episode of Red Tent Radio which is themed around building your personal brand.

Online PR News – 17-December-2011 – – This week on Red Tent Radio, Ludwina Dautovic interviews the featured guest Kane Minkus. Kane is one half of the Dynamic Duo “Jeff and Kane”. Often referred to as “Tony Robbins on steroids”, together they have trained over 60,000 coaches, speakers, consultants, content creators, health & service professionals and entrepreneurs and have also coached executives and teams at many Fortune 500 companies Including Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony and Apple. Kane lives by creeds such as “Monetize Your Passion” and runs many seminars with Jeff including “The Industry Rockstar Intensive”.

In the “My Biz, Your Biz” segment, Ludwina is joined by Zahrina Robertson. She owns and operates Zahrina Photography based out of Sydney, Australia. Known for making the "Ordinary Extraordinary”, Zahrina specializes in Digital Branding for Entrepreneurs by capturing the essence of people and events with her camera. She has been nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year and has photographed many high profile celebrities including Sir Richard Branson. She knows how to appropriate a person’s “X factor” and how to pull out the true spirit inside of the people and places that she photographs. In this episode, she shares with us the most important aspects of digital branding and why it is significant.

In “What’s Hot”, Ludwina takes us through the top 15 reasons why podcasting makes a great marketing tool. Yes, podcasting can be very lucrative for your business. Find out why.

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