Logi-Serve™ receives the 2012 Publisher’s Choice Product of the Year Award from Customer Care News

Customer Care News magazine awards its prestigious Product of the Year Award to Logi-Serve™, a cutting-edge technology that helps businesses predict and develop service and sales excellence in employees.

Online PR News – 17-December-2011 – – Logi-Serve™ (LS) (www.logi-serve.com), a web-based screening and development assessment and talent management platform, has won Customer Care News magazine’s 2012 Publisher’s Choice Product of the Year Award for its best-in-class and award-winning assessment screening and development technology.

Each year Customer Care News honors the most outstanding customer service products on the market. Logi-Serve, LLC. received this coveted award for its pioneering Logi-Serve™ Service Excellence (Logi-Serve) screening and development tool. Logi-Serve™ was built from the ground up to provide a more precise way to predict and develop service and sales excellence. Logi-Serve™ was selected for its scientifically validated and proven approach to improving the quality of hires and assisting in managing and developing employees specifically around service excellence as well as customer and patient satisfaction. The Logi-Serve™ reporting engine also provides reports that enable companies to make better selection decisions, and then more easily mentor and develop employees. Additionally, it offers a deep analytics engine that ties results to better business outcomes, including dollar estimates on expected added service value by people recommended by the system.

Dr. Keith Levick, associate editor of Customer Care News, calls Logi-Serve™ “a game changing and breakthrough technology” and “ the most scientific and innovative system he has ever seen.” Levick has more than 30 years of experience as a training and development specialist for Fortune 100 companies as well as organizations of all sizes. Levick helps companies design programs to ensure they recruit, train and develop service excellence as part of creating a culture of service excellence.

Logi-Serve™ offers two innovative patent pending systems including a Visual Logic™ storyboarding platform and a Triangulation™ science testing methodology that allows companies to assess people more quickly and precisely, pinpointing service ability and predicting performance outcomes. Logi-Serve™ was also ranked a Top 10 “Awesome New Technology” by the 2011 National HR Technology Conference leadership.

“We were dazzled by Logi-Serve’s Visual Logic™ storyboarding system, which brings candidates into a very easy to use simulated role playing experience to mirror common but difficult service situations,” said Levick to Logi-Serve’s leadership. “We were also very impressed by Logi-Serve’s patent pending Triangulation™ science methodology to evaluate service aptitude. As applied to assessment science, triangulation is a powerful technique that validates data through cross-verification of information from multiple sources. We hope organizations of all sizes will use Logi-Serve™ to improve their new hire selection and development and address market needs to significantly improve workforce performance and execution around increasing customer loyalty as well as customer and patient satisfaction. Logi-Serve™ is a remarkable breakthrough product unmatched in the marketplace. We are pleased to provide our readership with Logi-Serve™ as our choice for 2012 Product of the Year.”

Customer Care News has proven to be the very best source for customer service and customer-centric information. The magazine and its website offer a plethora of resources to help companies increase their performance and improve their business success, says Eric Krohner, Logi-Serve, LLC. President and CEO. “We are so proud to be selected by Dr. Keith Levick, an experienced and respected leader in service training and the talent management discipline,” he says. “Keith and his staff of experts at Customer Care News have a remarkable commitment and dedication to helping the business community reach their optimal potential.”

About Logi-Serve, LLC.
The Logi-Serve, LLC. products are strategic weapons for corporate and organizational advancement. The system architecture was built from the ground up to provide a more precise way to hire, manage and develop any level or type of employee using a unique patent pending Visual Logic™ storyboarding technology. The Logi-Serve™ service excellence screening and development tool is designed to generate better sales, service quality and business outcomes. Logi-Serve™ has already received recognition and awards, including receiving a Top 10 Ranking as an “Awesome New Technology” by the 2011 National HR Technology Conference leadership and now the 2012 Publisher’s Choice Product of the Year Award by Customer Care News. For more information view the Logi-Serve website at www.logi-serve.com or call 1-800-698-0403 or email sales@logi-serve.com.

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