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Online PR News – 16-December-2011 – – One of the challenges that many women faced today pertaining to post pregnancy is weight loss. It is one issue that new moms have to address alongside providing the very best of care for the new born. As new mothers are proud for bringing another life into this world, they do not have to flaunt it via baby tummies.

There are programs that new mothers can do for Weight Loss After Pregnancy. As the name suggests and in most instances, it focuses merely on weight loss. Though these programs can be successful with shedding off the extra pounds gained during pregnancy but the issue on mommy tummy is being left behind.

It is one of the basis for ‘Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Get Rid Of The Tummy’ blog. Readers are provided here of tips and activities that new mothers can do to tighten the tummy part and lessen if not remove the signs of the previous pregnancy.

The first thing that mothers can do towards flat tummy is be nutrition minded. According to Lisa Talamini, RD and a chief nutritionist for weight loss program, ‘Eating right is the first step to losing weight and living healthy...focus on easy to eat nutritious foods that can be eaten with the baby around’, as in most cases, finding time to eat properly is almost impossible with the baby around.

She also suggests having the following foods if possible: tuna kits, handheld soups, veggie sticks and fruits, and take on fluids as much as possible.

Next to being nutrition minded is to focus on the health and not the weight. Talamini stresses out that ‘A good goal for weight loss is one to two pounds per week...if breastfeeding, it should be one half to one pound per week.’

http://WeightLossAfterPregnancyBlog.com suggests to do gentle exercises leading to weight loss. To start with, new moms can engage into walking alone or with the baby on the stroller. Yoga is another gentle activity that new moms can get involve into. If attending classes outside the house is impossible, DVDs are available to get mommies to start on getting fit.

And on with the tummy flatteners, Druxman says that new mothers should be mindful of their core. According to Druxman, ‘...visualize yourself trying to squeeze into a pair of super-tight jeans. Once you get them on (in your mind of course), imagine the button is broken, so you have to really tighten up that tummy to keep the zipper from shooting down. Try maintaining this core hold throughout the day, while sitting and standing.’

This is one way to get rid of the baby tummy. To get access to the full information on ‘Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Get Rid Of The Tummy’, visit http://WeightLossAfterPregnancyBlog.com

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