New Line of Night Sweat Sleepwear by Dry Babe

Dry Babe Absorbent Sleepwear for "Hot" Mamas presents the Sweet Dreams by Dry Babe line of night sweat sleepwear

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Wendy Collett


NEW YORK, NY (December 12, 2011) – Millions of women in the U.S. are plagued by night sweats (Nocturnal Hydrosis), the result of hormone imbalance, illness and medication. Until this past spring, there had been no sure-fire, external solution to address – or dress! - the problem. Due to the success of Dry Babe’s initial launch, we are pleased to introduce the Sweet Dreams Collection by Dry Babe TM Absorbent Sleepwear for “Hot” Mamas. This innovative sleepwear collection serves up style plus function thanks to both absorbing and wicking properties – that redirects moisture away from the skin – keeping women dry, well-rested and refreshed. Fun, flirty, affordable, and available in a range of sizes, the Sweet Dreams by Dry Babe line arrives in December for the holiday season at

A Rude Awakening…
Conceived by a night sweat sufferer, 44-year old Wendy Collett didn’t enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep for nearly three years while searching for a sleepwear solution to keep her dry. She would wake up in the middle of the night, her clothes soaked through, leaving her cold, wet and clammy – and wide awake and frustrated! Her only slumber salvation was to towel off and change clothes. And then the cycle would begin again. And she is not alone

Night Sweats are an Issue Throughout a Woman’s Lifecycle
Night sweats are a common occurrence for women. Any type of hormone imbalance can bring on night sweats. The end of the monthly menstrual cycle, pregnancy, post- partum, perimenopause and menopause are times in the lifecycle that often correspond with night sweats. However, many common and uncommon illnesses are associated with night sweats such as diabetes, obesity and cancer as well as many commonly prescribed prescription medications including antidepressants and sleep aids.

In the Heat of the Night She was Looking for Answers…
Dry Babe is the answer to Wendy’s countless capers with garments that were big on promise but low on performance. Her high hopes for wicking sleepwear were dashed when she realized that these garments required air circulation to function properly. Wicking technology relies on capillary action to move moisture from areas of higher to lower concentration throughout the garment – ushering it to the outer edges where it is evaporated. Unfortunately, air does not circulate so freely under the covers! Not only that, because wicking fabrics are developed from 100% polyester or high polyester content fabric blends – not terribly cozy or inviting to wear – they also serve to insulate the body, trapping hot air in – thus perpetuating the sweat cycle!

Introducing the Sweet Dreams Line Collection by Dry Babe Absorbent Sleepwear for “Hot” Mamas!
On the strength of the success of the initial spring launch, Dry Babe developed a full line of night sweat sleepwear. Designed from a blend of 95% cotton for softness and 5% polyester for a bit of stretch, the Sweet Dreams by Dry Babe’s line intrinsically absorbent thread loops are also naturally wicking – meaning that they draw moisture away from the body, pulling it through to the front where it dries quickly. Dry Babe’s “Sweet Dreams” Line arrives in fun & flirty styles including a kimono robe, updated chemise, long nightie, and for those who like to wear top and bottoms, a stylish tank top with boy shorts. Each new garment fits a range of styles from 4 to 3X and is available in fuchsia, navy and turquoise. Mixing and matching styles and colors are encouraged.

Special Deal for the Holiday Season….
Dry Babe has made it easier to shop for all the women on your holiday gift list by offering a range of holiday collections consisting of multiple pieces at deep discount from 19% to 29% depending on the collection purchased.

“I am gratified that women everywhere have embraced Dry Babe, which gave us the ability to develop this new collection. While the original Dry Babe chemise was a game changer in night sweat sleepwear, our new line continues that mission with some added refinements. The gift of a Dry Babe nightie is truly the gift of a peaceful and dry night’s sleep.”

The Sweet Dreams by Dry Babe collection retails from $39 to $49 at

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