TakeLessons Shares Lady Gaga’s Get-Rich Secrets

TakeLessons explores 5 tips for musicians to amp up their income.

Online PR News – 16-December-2011 – – Lady Gaga may have a “Bad Romance,” but it’s no secret she also has a exceptional bank account. Forbes recently named her the top-earning female in the music industry, leading the list with earnings of over $90 million this year in album sales, touring and endorsements. Sure beats being a starving musician, right?

Following the news, TakeLessons (http://takelessons.com), the nation's fastest growing music lessons provider, took the opportunity to offer readers 5 helpful tips for how to make money as a musician, as originally published on artistshousemusic.org. The following is an excerpt from the blog:

"Rule #1: Always Bring Your “A” Game -

Rule #1: Always Bring Your

Making the decision to spend one's life as a professional musician is a big commitment. From then on, those musicians needs to bring their “A” game to every interaction that impacts performances, networking and other points of contact.

Never put a half-hearted effort into anything musical. First, the competition to get work and keep working is fierce in every city and town in the world. Second, since so much of the music industry is based on personal relationships and reputations, if word gets out that a musician gave a weak effort at a gig or rehearsal, chances are they may not be getting a call back in the future.

Rule #2: Get Out of the Practice Room -

Isn’t practicing supposed to be the road to musical success, more gigs and maybe even superstardom? Well, no, it’s not. Actually, musical chops are only one part of a musician's overall career skill set. There are thousands of talented guitarists who can play every lick by whoever the hot guitarist of the month is but seldom play a gig. Why?

They spend their lives studying music, perfecting their skills, however they are unfortunately violating one of the most important rules of music career building. Instead, make sure to develop connections to people and institutions (think clubs, radio stations, booking agents, other bands, etc.) that are like-minded and can help. Ask around a local music store or music school about meeting up with some people who are interested in similar types of music, careers, etc."

By providing the tips to blog readers, TakeLessons hopes to continue engaging current students and help with any musical goals they may have. Readers are invited to share their thoughts by commenting on the TakeLessons blog, where they can also learn tips for guitar players, and comments are also welcomed on Facebook (http://facebook.com/takelessons).

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