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Online PR News – 15-December-2011 – – It is sometimes surprising to see celebrities walking with their superb bodies just few weeks after they have given birth. People find it mysterious how they did it in such a short time. Though celebrities attribute it to hard work, people would want to find out the secrets behind the Weight Loss After Pregnancy.

Celebrities seem to lose the baby weights so easily. This is the perception of a lot of people. With how much they earn, they can afford to get their own trainers, chefs or nutritionists and nannies to look after their babies in their behalf. With this in mind, it is easier for them to focus and have the time they needed to go on their training, shed off the pounds and on to their pre pregnancy bodies.

“Weight Loss After Pregnancy: How The Celebs Did It” reveals some of the information from celebrity trainers and the ways and the hows to achieve better bodies after the pregnancy.

For one, Nutritionist-to-the-stars Jackie Keller has worked with Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz, to name a few. According to her, “...the secret to losing baby weight fast without compromising health is twofold and emphasizes quality of food and physical activity.”

In addition to that, Keller who also authored the book Body After Baby mentioned that motivation is very important for successful weight loss.

With celebrity status, the motivation to get pre pregnancy body back has always been there especially if there are contracts involve. There are cases where stars are asked to sign a contract where they are not allowed to gain weight or when pregnancy happens, extra pounds gained should be shed off the soonest time possible.

Keller also advised her clients to start walking daily soon after the child is birth but stresses the importance of listening to their bodies and not to overdo the physical activities when they feel that they are not able.

As far as the food is concerned, super fuel foods should be included in one’s diet. Super foods include strawberries, almonds and potatoes.

From Nicky Hollender, trainer for ex-playmate Kendra Wilkinson, he devised a plan which entails eating five small meals a day but expending as much energy as possible. This plan is one that moms can do especially the ones who finds it difficult to give up indulgence for as long as they take in the right amount with the right activity to complement it. According to him, “Anyone can do the same after having a baby, but they must be dedicated, determined, and up for the challenge.”

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