Killer Guides Prepares for the Release of an Unofficial SWTOR Sith Warrior Guide

Known for quality guidebooks, Killer Guides will be releasing a set of Swtor guides with this release talking about its Unofficial SWTOR Sith Warrior manual.

Online PR News – 17-December-2011 – – For many fans of Star Wars, December can’t come fast enough. That’s because on December 20th 2011, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) will officially be released to the public. The game will feature 8 different character classes for a player to choose from. Besides the back stories, each class will have its own branching storyline which will be influenced by the player’s choices. As a player, you’ll be given free rein on choosing your path between the light and dark side of the Force.

Subsequent to its release, Killer Guides will issue out a set of guidebooks based on all 8 different character classes. These manuals will serve as a walkthrough for all the best quests to gain points and the best spots to collect resources and valuable items. To play as a SWTOR Sith Warrior, you will need to learn how to harness the Force and bend it to your will. The Killer Guides’ SWTOR Sith Warrior Guide provides that information along with all the useful strategy tips you need to push your way up the ladder. It will show you how to best master the lightsaber and use it with the Force during the battle. The handbook will also show you the best equipment you need for your character. You won’t have to waste precious minutes trying on different armor that your character doesn’t need.

As your progress along, you’ll be given the chance to choose a specialized advance class. With the SWTOR Sith Warrior Guide, you can weigh your options between the SWTOR Juggernaut or the SWTOR Marauder. Either can wield two lightsabers and can use the Force to suck out the energy from an enemy. During player versus player situations, the handbook will show you the best way to use your power to its maximum damage. You’ll be able to defeat enemies from within your class or other classes. Not only that, the guidebook also includes how to successfully commandeer your ship and use its potential to earn ranking points.

With the game’s release date drawing close, Killer Guides makes the SWTOR Sith Marauder Guide and the SWTOR Sith Juggernaut Guide available for pre-order online at and . Partnering sites such as MMOGA has also made the advanced class guides available for pre-order such as the one listed at .

Killer Guides was founded since 2006, and since then they’ve stayed competitive as one of the leading distributors for unofficial strategy guides. With MMO games as their main focus, they’ve compiled more than 200 leveling, class, and currency guides of more than 30 different games. Their library consists of titles including City of Heroes, DC Universe Online, World of Warcraft, and Vanguard. Also, their company runs a blog which contains reviews on the latest games, industry insights and community events.