Software Developer Launches World Wine Region Marketing Franchise Program

Cartovino is a robust program to market world wine regions. Cartovino comes as a response to the growth of affinity markets differentiated by highly unique and tech-savvy travel constituencies. Cartovino is looking to partner through geographically based franchises.

Online PR News – 17-December-2011 – – Wenonah, NJ, December 15, 2011 -- Mattsonmaps recently announced the launch of Cartovino—a robust program to market world wine regions. After years of servicing the general interests of destination marketing organizations through interactive websites and tools, Cartovino comes as a response to the growth of affinity markets differentiated by highly unique and tech-savvy travel constituencies.

As company owner Mark Mattson explains, “Advanced software solutions, like Cartovino, offer more unique and targeted marketing opportunities. The whole one-size-fits-all approach of promoting areas through undifferentiated point lists is a thing of the past. Through newer technologies such as smart phones, interactive maps, QR-codes, and social media applications, marketers will find future profits and constituencies that only appear as travelers are given the tools to drill down on their own terms.”

Mattson adds, “I'm really excited about this offering. A majority of travelers now carry smart devices and use them as tools to gather information and make travel decisions. Not only that, the number of phone travelers is growing every year in response to their desires to tailor their journeys according to their own interests."

The only question is why advanced tools have not been introduced and monetized throughout the world of wine. To Mattson, the question is rhetorical. What he sees is the predominance of a vertical market solution that is so costly that it is dominated by only those that can afford it. In effect, affinities and smaller constituencies are left out of the mix because they can't afford the enormous costs of entering the game. In Mattson's mind, Cartovino is a solution to this problem in that it flattens the market by collapsing highly complicated and expensive tool solutions into a single software package that costs virtually nothing to deploy and operate.

Mattson proudly claims that, "This isn't some stripped down solution. We have everything New York or Los Angeles has on its destination site. In fact, we have more. The difference is that theirs cost $250,000 to put together and $250,000 to run every year. Our solution costs nothing because we made it into a little black box that we can apply to any marketing application—in this case wine."

Through Cartovino, wine region businesses don't need to rely on local marketing organizations to interact with travelers in real time at the street level. Not only does Cartovino do it better using more advanced features, businesses don't need to pay membership dues as DMO members.

Now that Cartovino is running, Mattson is looking for representation and marketing support. The model that Mattson is keen on pursuing is a series of geographically based franchises. "We plan on showing our partners what Cartovino is and how to monetize it locally. Contact me anytime for a demo and prospectus!!"

Mark Mattson
307 N Jefferson Ave
Wenonah, NJ 08090