Afro Clocks Unique Clocks Created to Help Lower High Unemployment Rates in the Urban America

Afro Clocks Was Ahead Of President Obama's December Forum On Jobs

Online PR News – 27-January-2010 – – Afro Clocks, an online creator of Obama clocks, a line of unique clocks personalized for each individual. Afro Clocks, has just launched their company and they are on a quest to help lower the unemployment rate, in the Urban America.

Afro Clocks, is honored to announce their new line of Afro clocks to support and help lower the high unemployment rate in the hardest hit area. Understandably, creating jobs and lowering the unemployment rate can be a great task of difficulty.

Credit is frozen, consumer purchasing power is in decline, the country has lost 5 million jobs and we are expected to lose more before the job situation gets better this year. The economy has shut down.

This is why Obama has created the “American Recovery Act”. This package is the first crucial step in a concerted effort to create and save three to 4 million jobs, jumpstart our economy, and begin the process of transforming United States for the 21st century.

Unlike other small businesses and large firms who are currently demanding more of their employees, by increasing their hours, Afro Clocks has taken different measures to help lower unemployment.
Afro clocks believes such as President Obama that in order to help lower the unemployment rate small business and large firms must step out of their comfort zone and become willing to take the steps necessary to hire new workers.
Meanwhile, millions of Americans -- our friends, our neighbors, our family members -- are desperately searching for jobs and by creating new jobs we will be putting people to work in their communities and helping the United States lower their unemployment rate and in result we will strengthen our economy and become the strong nation that we once were." Afro clocks is about creating good-paying jobs and putting money into the pockets of working families right away.
Developing new products creates new jobs, reducing the unemployment rate. New jobs through new products are the answer to lowering high unemployment rates.

With Afro Clocks, you get the absolute highest-quality clocks to display in any home or office – order today online. Afro Clocks manufacture these clocks in communities that need the jobs the most. Help support our program by purchasing an Afro Clock at today. In addition, visit our other web site at and enter our “Keyboard contest” to win a free personalized clock no purchase required.

About Us: An initial group of two prominent retirees demonstrates support for the concept of President Obama's Job Forum to help lower the high unemployment rate by creating jobs in the urban communities where unemployment is at its peak.

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